Have you ever watched a movie and then later realized the film is based on a book?

Or have you read a book but was unaware of a book to movie adaptation?

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Books For Men, Movies For Women?

A poll with 2000 British men indicates that men prefer the big screen films to the origin books. Of course, the study also indicated other facts, men read more slowly than women also they generally read less than them. In fact, nearly 3/4 of men would rather see the movie than reading a novel.

The majority of men blamed this on a lack of time while others simply don't enjoy reading. Some even admitted to reading certain literature only to appear more knowledgeable. Even though this reason might be true we believe the inherent nature of men is to be more visual. Women prefer to use their imagination. Books, even though very descriptive still leave a lot of gaps to be filled by the readers own creativity. Movies are a bit more straightforward, the visuals automatically fill that gap for you.

Of course, watching a movie will save you time rather than reading a novel. Motion picture visualization already takes away the need for any in-depth descriptions. Remember that phrase a picture is worth a thousand words - cannot be truer than in a movie adaption. Men being visual creatures can then argue that watching a movie is a time-saving activity as opposed to reading the corresponding literature.

But there are other advantages to reading rather than viewing film adaptations. Such as improving vocabulary, comprehension and other important traits. Maybe reading is why women are more in tune with their emotions or can relate to others better than men can because they literally speak the same language.

As a guy myself, I will put in the effort to read more rather than just changing the channel to watch. With the increase in books being changed to movies, I am sure there is not a shortage of novels to satisfy a slacking of visual stimulation. Thanks for reading!


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