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Reading Sanctuary is created by University graduates to help tie the link between books and movie adaptation releases. Ever watched a movie and then later realized the film is based on a book? Or have you read a book but was unaware of a movie release either before or after you read it. This is where we come in. Check out the adaptation section to see the major . Reading Sanctuary also shares popular books in the public domain. To find out more about us check out the About Us section below. We are also looking to start a forum, let us know what you think via the Contact Us section below.

Our Most Recent Books to Movie Adaptations

hush hush pdf cover by becca

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Published: October 13, 2009
Genre: Young adult fiction
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Maybe, see below

On July 8, 2014, Becca announced on her website that she has decided that now is not the right time to move forward with the Hush, Hush book to movie adaptation and has not renewed the movie option with LD Entertainment. She says that she appreciates the support but hopes that the fans respect her decision. She has said that she is not saying the movie will never happen, but it won’t be moving forward at this time. Wikipedia


Nora Grey is a 16-year-old student living in Cold Water, Maine. Nora’s house is located in Hawthorne Lane, where she resides with her mother. Nora’s father was unfortunately murdered the previous year and their home is the only remaining connection she has to him. Apart from the pain she carries due to the loss of her father, Nora is a normal teenager.

One day Nora’s biology teacher decides to rearrange the seating arrangements in the class. Nora has moved away from her best friend Vee and seated next to a mysterious young man named Patch. Patch Cipriano is a senior, who had taken and also failed this biology class on more than one occasion. The class is given their first assignment, and Nora tries to obtain answers to the questions from Patch. Patch, however, refuses to assist her, and also goes out of his way to embarrass her. Nora realizes she is running into Patch at various locations. Nora as anyone would, begins to find these constant meetings strange but she can’t seem to avoid encounter Patch wherever she goes. Despite the fact Nora is repulsed by Patch’s behavior, she also becomes drawn to him for the same reason. She keeps her attraction to Patch secret from Vee, who is actually trying to set her up with another young man named Elliot.

Vee invites Nora to a local amusement park to introduce her to Elliot, but unfortunately, Patch arrival ruins her plans. Nora leaves Vee and the group, to join Patch on a roller coaster ride. During the ride, Nora believes she will meet her end, but it actually turns out to be a hallucination. Nora is unable to find Vee after the ride and Patch has to give her a ride home. As the story progresses, she becomes more connected to Patch and even meets his only friend Rixon.

Later in the story, Nora learns that Patch is, in fact, a fallen angel from Heaven who was trying to kill her in order to obtain a human body. In the event, Nora dies Chauncey Langeais will also die, who is Patch’s vessel, which would result in Patch becoming human. Patch’s ex-girlfriend Dabria works as the school counselor but her first job is to work as the angel of death. If Patch instead protects Nora and allows her to live this would allow him to become a guardian angel. In this scenario, he can become an angel again and be with Dabira. Chauncey is looking to reap his vengeance against Patch for an underhanded agreement he made with him. The choice to save or kill Nora is ultimately forced upon Patch, as Dabria attempts to kill Nora herself she believes Patch is unable to bring himself to do it on his own. Nora’s life is spared due to Patch’s intervention, it is unfortunately but back into danger shortly after. Nora, Vee, and Elliot are held at gunpoint by Chauncey in a dangerous game of hide and seek. Patch once again rushes to Nora’s aide, hoping not to be too late.

“The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned.”
― Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

“But if I hadn’t fallen, I wouldn’t have met you.”
― Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

“I love you more than I think I should.”
― Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

“What good is a body if I can’t have you?”
― Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

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fight club pdf book cover

Author: Chuck Palanuik
Published: August 17, 1996
Genre: Satire
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Date: 15 October 1999

IMDBFight Club movie cast

Edward NortonEdward Norton
The Narrator
Brad PittBrad Pitt
Tyler Durden
Meat LoafMeat Loaf
Robert ‘Bob’ Paulsen (as Meat Loaf Aday)
Zach GrenierZach Grenier
Richard Chesler
Richmond ArquetteRichmond Arquette
David AndrewsDavid Andrews
George MaguireGeorge Maguire
Group Leader
Eugenie BondurantEugenie Bondurant
Weeping Woman


The story is told from the first-person perspective of a narrator who doesn’t reveal his name. The book begins with a man named Tyler, who is holding a gun in the mouth of the narrator. The narrator, to allow the reader to understand how he found himself in this position, carries the story back to his time as an office worker. The narrator’s life is a rut at this point, he works as recall campaign coordinator but has no real direction in his life. He lives in an apartment building filled with designer furniture. However, due to the lack of happiness in his life, he suffers from insomnia.

The narrator’s insomnia begins to seriously affect his health and he sees a doctor for assistance. The doctor, however, dismisses his concerns and even tells him that if he wanted to get a look at real pain, he should go see the people in support groups, with real problems. The narrator actually takes the doctor’s advice and begins to visit various support groups. He pretends to have various illnesses so he can participate in the sharing and healing which occurs within each group. He actually becomes addicted to these support groups as they have become a source of comfort and relief for him.

Eventually, he notices a lady by the name of Marla Singer who is also attending the same meetings he is. She is also faking her issues the narrator realizes that he can’t go the meetings in the manner in which he did before as that lady would be there. He begins scheming as to how to remove Marla from the groups. He is on vacation to a nude beach. There he meets a charming man by the name of Tyler Durden. Following an explosion which occured strangely in the apartment building he lives in, the narrator calls Tyler to meet with him at a bar and after a couple rounds, Tyler lets the narrator move in with him. At the bar, however, Tyler and the narrator get into a scuffle which sparks the beginning of fight club. Tyler and the narrator began fighting at different bars and other locations across the country and begin drawing the attention from other men. It becomes a weekly event where men from different jobs leave their different walks in life to fight at various locations to their heart’s content.

One day the narrator awakes from a dream where he is having sex with Marla and later this day, returns home to find out that Tyler is having sex with Marla. This is very frustrating for the narrator, as this is the woman who made him unable to attend the various support groups he once did. The narrator and Tyler decide that it’s time to get back at their bosses, for the misbehavior they have been displaying on the job. They do not only successfully accomplish this but also manage to ensure that they will be paid by their bosses regardless. These actions allow them to fully dedicate themselves to fight club and the narrator gains a better understanding of the activities which go on within fight club.

Following this Tyler decides to take the actions of fight club to new heights by the means of organizing Project Mayhem, which grows their following. The narrator begins to realize that men all over the country are referring to him as sir which confuses him. The narrator in search for Tyler travels to Seattle where he meets with a bartender with a neck brace. The bartender refers to him as Mr. Durden this alarms the narrator and he runs back to the hotel in search of Marla. In his excited state, the narrator asks Marla what is his name and she replies Tyler Durden.

Tyler later reemerges and is upset that the narrator is discussing him behind his back with Marla. Project Mayhem none the less has begun and things has become even more extreme, one of the narrator’s friends is shot by a policeman which prompts him to try to shut down fight club out of guilt. This attempt unfortunately back fires as he is instead kicked out of fight club by its members.

After realizing that Tyler has murdered his boss and Marla has also killed another person for him, the narrator sinks into a sea of guilt. The narrator travels to fight club location, where he challenges every member in the location to fight. Desperate to escape he feels, he fights hoping to die but alas instead just passes out on the floor after a fight. The narrator awakens to be greeted by Tyler who informs him the time has come for his death.

The story returns to the point it began with a gun being held in the narrator’s mouth. Before the trigger is pulled Marla and other members of support groups he has attended show up to intervene. The narrator tries to warn those who came that the building will be soon demolished by explosives, but this does not deter them. Marla assures him that she likes him as well and the narrator comes to understand that he had created Tyler as means of being with Marla. This indicates a great growth which has occurred within the narrator but it seems to be all for naught, as death seems to await them all due to the impending demolish of the building.


“I don’t want to die without any scars.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

“The things you used to own, now they own you.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

“It’s not love or anything, but I think I like you, too.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club




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little house on the Prairie ebook cover

Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Published: ‎1932-1943
Genre: Drama, Family
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: TV Series (1974–1983)

IMDB Little House on the Prairie movie cast

Melissa GilbertMelissa Gilbert
 Laura Ingalls
Michael LandonMichael Landon
 Charles Ingalls
Rachel Lindsay GreenbushRachel Lindsay Greenbush
 Carrie Ingalls
Sidney GreenbushSidney Greenbush
 Carrie Ingalls
Karen GrassleKaren Grassle
 Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Sue AndersonMelissa Sue Anderson
 Mary Ingalls
Scottie MacGregorScottie MacGregor
 Harriet Oleson
Richard BullRichard Bull
 Nels Oleson
Jonathan GilbertJonathan Gilbert
 Willie Oleson
Kevin HagenKevin Hagen
 Dr. Hiram Baker
Alison ArngrimAlison Arngrim
 Nellie Oleson
Matthew LabyorteauxMatthew Labyorteaux
 Albert Quinn Ingalls


During a winter season in the late 1800s, the woods of Wisconsin were beginning to become too crowded with new settlers. Laura Ingalls’ family decided it was time to find a new place to live. The family begins moving west in their wagon; they plan to cross: Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas. To eventually settle in the open prairies. During this journey, the family encounters a river, with higher than usual waters and a strong current. Jack the family dog falls from the wagon as they cross the stream and gets swept downstream by the water.

The family continues on their journey despite the loss of their beloved Jack. They, fortunately, begin to cross forested areas which give them a place to rest at night. However, when trying to sleep the family is reminded they are not alone in the woods. The hoots of owls and the howls often the keep the children awake. It was one night that Laura’s eyes meet with another set of glowing eyes in the dark staring at her which turns out to be Jack, who managed to find the family again.

In the midst of their travels, the family reaches an open spot of land which is near the Verdigris River, which they decide to make their new home. Laura’s father who is referred to as Pa begins building a house for the family to live. Meanwhile, Laura and her sister Marry do small chores and help look after their baby sister Carrie. One day while Pa is out hunting, he stumbles across his nearest neighbor Mr. Edwards who is living as a bachelor. The two men work together to finish each other’s houses.

Pa finishes the house along with furniture within the home, such as a bed for Ma. He also even digs a well for the family to get water and builds a stable for the horses. There are other settlers who begin moving into the general area. Though they are separated by miles, but they form a small community together and help each other. However, everything is not peaceful in their community, the prairies are also shared by Indians. The Indians have been forced out of their former lands by the government. These lands have then become inhabited by ‘the white man’ and as a result, have built many resentments towards the white man and don’t interact with them.

One day while Pa is out hunting, two Indians visit their home. Ma greets the Indians warmly and respectfully. She provides the Indians with a meal and even gives them cornmeal and Pa’s tobacco which they requested as they left. Ma reveals that she was secretly scared while the Indians were there when Pa returns. Pa consoles her and assures that the Indians aren’t a threat unless they feel threatened.

As time along with the seasons’ pass, the family begins to develop an insect problem. Mosquitoes are in high number and everyone in the family falls ill due to them. A traveling doctor finds the Ingalls family in a dire state and doctor along with one their neighbors Mrs. Scott nurse them back to health.

The following early spring Pa hears a rumor, which spoke about the white man being made to leave the Indian’s territory. Pa is in disbelief about this news and desperately hopes it not to be true. However, as the spring goes on the Indians begin to fight amongst each other. The conflict revolved around whether to fight the white man or move out of their land. The Osage chief eventually decides to spare the life of the white man, with the other Indians agreeing to his command. This decision, potentially stems from the moment Pa and the Indians shared the previous winter. The Indians begin to head south and with their movement, a peace begins to return to the Prairie.


“There’s no great loss without some small gain.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie

“This is Indian country, isn’t it?” Laura said. “What did we come to their country for, if you don’t like them?”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie

“The stars and stripes were fluttering bright against the rain, clear blue overhead, and their minds were saying the words before their ears heard them.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie



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The Devil Wears Prada cover

Author: Lauren Weisburger
Published: April 15, 2003
Genre: Chick lit
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: June 30, 2006 (USA)

IMDB The Devil Wears Prada movie cast

Meryl StreepMeryl Streep
Miranda Priestly
Anne Hathaway
Andy Sachs
Emily Blunt
Stanley Tucci
Simon BakerSimon Baker
Christian Thompson
Adrian GrenierAdrian Grenier
Tracie ThomsTracie Thoms


Andrea Sachs is a young 23-year-old, graduate of Brown University. Her dream is to work as a writer for the New Yorker. After returning from her summer trip to Europe, Andrea begins job hunting. Andrea is sharing a home with her friend Lily, with no surprise, in the state of New York. Andrea submits her resume to different businesses, hoping to hear back from them. One day Andrea receives a call from Ellias Clark who is a major magazine publisher. Elias informs Andrea about an available position and goes on to request an interview with Andrea.

At the interview, Andrea learns that the position she is interviewing for is for the post of assistant to Miranda Priestly. Miranda is the Editor in Chief at Runway Magazine, Andrea however, is not sure this is the right job for her, Miranda’s current assistant Emily informs Andrea that if someone works well for a year under Miranda, She recommends them for any post they desire. This helps to convince Andrea to accept the position.

Andrea receives a call about her acceptance as Miranda’s assistant. She received the call while she was staying at the home of her boyfriend Alex, who is happy for her. Andrea manages to find an apartment of her own in the city before she begins working. Miranda is on vacation in Europe when Andrea begins. However, this doesn’t mean she has been given the chance to slack off. Emily grinds her daily about the expectations of her position and what is required as Miranda’s assistant. The days are long and tiring but Andrea manages to survive and feels ready for Miranda’s return.

Upon Miranda’s return, Andrea quickly comes to realize that working for her will be a tall task. Miranda is impossible to please and also treats Andrea cruelly berated at every mistake she makes. The pressures of working at Miranda’s assistant begin to take a toll on Andrea’s relationships outside of work. In fact, Andrea begins to prioritize work over everything else, including her boyfriend Alex, her friend Lily and even her family. Her friend begins to develop a drinking problem but being only concerned about pleasing her boss, Andrea ignores Lily’s condition.

Andrea begins to drift apart from everyone as her job has become her only true priority. One night during her trip to Paris with Miranda, Andrea checks her phone to discover two missed calls, one from her now ex-boyfriend Alex and another from her mother. They had both called to share the same news of her friend Lily getting into a car accident and is now in a coma. Andrea is scared that Miranda will fire her if she returns to home to see Lily and chooses to stay in Paris. Andrea informs her boss of her friend’s condition but assures Miranda that she is committed to remaining in Paris with her. These events occur after Miranda had teased Andrea, with the possibility of her contacting the New Yorker when they return to America. Miranda upon hearing of Andrea’s commitment informs her that she has made the right decision and of how Andrea reminds her of herself when she was younger.

These words triggered Andrea and she realized that she was gradually becoming the woman she despised so bitterly. During a later tantrum thrown by Miranda, Andrea snaps and quits from the position.

Now left without a job and barely existent relationships, will Andrea begin to put the pieces of her life together or will she perhaps walk a similar path of Lily?

“I’ve always expressed my thoughts in color but we remain blind.”
― Lauren Weisberger, The Devil Wears Prada

“Insatiable, impatient, impossible.”
― Lauren Weisberger, The Devil Wears Prada

“For most people, the ringing of a phone was a welcome sign. Someone was trying to reach them, to say hello, ask about their well-being, or make plans. For me, it triggered fear, intense anxiety and heart-stopping panic.”
― Lauren Weisberger, The Devil Wears Prada

“Mom and Dad were great, but being asked where I was going every time I left the house – or where I’d been every time I returned – got old quickly.”
― Lauren Weisberger, The Devil Wears Prada

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the graveyard book neil gaiman kindle cover>

Author: Neil Gaiman
Published: September 30, 2008
Genre: Children’s literature
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: No


After losing his family to the hands of a mysterious murder, a young boy is raised by spirits in a graveyard. He ironically learns many lessons about life and learns to survive without being discovered by others at the graveyard. With his family’s murder still searching after him, the graveyard becomes the young lad’s home.


As the story unfolds, a young 18th-month-old baby loses his family. They’ve lost their lives to murder and now, a young baby is orphaned. Luckily the baby is able to escape through a door left open, and walked haphazardly into a nearby graveyard. Their young baby finds a new family, in the souls of a couple long buried in the graveyard. The spirits Mr. and Mrs. Owens begin to look after him, and take him in as their son. As his new parents, they give him the name Nobody Owens. Young Owens is brought up with all the knowledge there is about the afterlife. However, it is still not safe for Owens to leave the graveyard because of his family’s murderer, is still yet to be found.

Young Owens is now a toddler and a little girl begins to visit the graveyard. The young girl name is Scarlett and befriends Nobody. The two children begin playing together and young Owens, takes Scarlett into a very old tomb. There they meet a spirit who tries to scare them away, the spirits efforts succeed in scaring Scarlett but not Nobody. In the time Scarlett spends in the tomb, her parents grow very worried as they believe she has gone missing. Scarlett’s parents eventually find her, but a short time after the family moves away to Scotland.

Bod’s guardian spirit Silas is going away, and he learns that he will now be looked after by Ms.Lupescu. Bod, is short for Nobody is not fond of Ms. Lupescu. She forces Bod to eat strange food and also is teaching him about things he has no interest in. One day Bod is almost kidnapped by a couple ghouls, where a large grey dog rescues him. He later learns that the dog is, in fact, Ms. Lupescu. It was at that moment Bod decided to be more respectful and attentive to Ms.Lupescu.

Years later, young Owens decides that he should go to school where he can learn to interact with the living. Silas has returned and is now Bod’s guardian spirit once again. He agrees with the decision and Bod attends school. Bod however, has an altercation with some school bullies which gets him arrested. Bod and Silas then agree that going to school wasn’t the best choice for him. Scarlett’s parents, unfortunately, go through a divorce, which causes her to move back to her old town.

Scarlett once again visits the graveyard, where she meets Mr. Frost a friendly man. On a later day, Scarlett once again returns to the graveyard, where she reconnects with young Owens. Following their reconnection Scarlett, begins looking into the Bod’s family murder. After she uncovers the truth of the events, Bod learns that the murderer is the very same Mr. Frost.

After this discovery, Bod does away with Mr. Frost in the graveyard along with Mr. Frost’s helpers. Scarlett is shocked at Bod’s actions, Scarlett no longer returns to the graveyard. Shortly after this, Bod begins losing his ability to see things in the graveyard, which he has always seen. Is young Owens being punished by the spirits for actions?

“If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

“You’re brave. You are the bravest person I know, and you are my friend. I don’t care if you are imaginary.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

“If you dare nothing,
then when the day is over,
nothing is all you will have gained.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

“I’ll find you. Don’t worry. Just be on your own and I’ll find you.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

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cs lewis the silver chair

Author: C.S.Lewis
Published: September 7, 1953
Genre: Fiction, Children’s literature
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 2018

IMDB The Silver Chair movie cast


When faced with various challenges at school, it’s common for people to wish to be saved. Whatever struggle you are experiencing at the moment, it is so easy to envision a hero galloping in to your rescue. For us, this is often a mere fantasy but for the characters within the story of the silver chair, it became the start of an awesome magical adventure.


The sixth book, in the series in the Chronicles of Narnia, begins with young Jill Pole, who has recently transferred to her new boarding school. Unfortunately, her days haven’t gone as smoothly as she would have liked, Jill has gained the attention of some of the school bullies. Eustace Scrubb is also another target for the bullies’ harassment. Once being a friend of the bullies and also a former bully himself, Eustace has started a new chapter in his life. This transition from tormentor to a gentler soul also earned his old friends attention.

On this occasion, Jill and Eustace are running to escape from the young delinquents, when Aslan, a magical lion comes to their aide. Aslan rules over the land of Narnia and opens a portal for the young children to escape through. The two arrive in Narnia on a massive cliff. Afterwards, Aslan informs Jill and Eustace, that he needs their help to save Narnia. Prince Rillian is lost and Aslan is hopeful that they can help him locate the Prince. Aslan continues by teaching Jill 4 signs she needs to memorize, in order to receive his guidance on the journey.

Jill and Eustace are unable to meet with King Caspian, as he is sailing away when they do find him. Due to this they miss out upon the first sign and continue their journey to find Prince Rillian, this time under the guidance of Puddleglum a marsh-wiggle. The second sign is to travel until they discover the ancient giants. Along the way, the group meets with a lady who suggests that they travel to Harfang a castle, where the gentle giants live. Puddleglum is opposed to the idea but the children are excited and they travel to Harfang, despite Puddleglum’s opposition.

When they arrive at Harfang they realize that the lady had, in fact, misinformed them. The Giants have intentions of eating their newest visitors. After this realization, the group notices the reflection of a ruined city in one of the castle windows. From this reflection, they realized that they also missed the third sign as well. The third sign was to avoid being eaten by giants at their Autumn Feast. Luckily, the trio manages to find a way to escape the castle and to reach the nearby ruined city, without becoming a part of the giant’s feast.

On their way to the ruined city, the group makes a false step and soon darkness which surrounds them. This step leads them to fall into the underworld where they are captured by the underworld queen’s henchmen. The queen’s henchmen bring the trio to her castle but discover she is not home. However, the trio encounters a nobleman, he informs them that he was the black knight with the lady, whom they took guidance from earlier. The nobleman explains that the lady is, in fact, this castles queen and also his savior. He falls under a wicked spell which causes him to fall in a fit of madness, which lasts at full length an hour. While in this state he goes on to explain he is bound to a silver chair until the spell’s effect wears off.

Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum witness the nobleman in his fit of madness first hand. While in this state, he begs them to release him. Afraid, the trio is reluctant to, until he orders them to release him in the name of Aslan. Recognizing that’s this must be the fourth sign, they release the bound nobleman and discover him to be the lost Prince Rillian. The Queen’s return also draws near, they must overcome the underworld queen’s power if they hope to leave with Rillain. Can they overcome the power of her dark magic, or shall they be captured as the earthmen who serve as her henchmen had been?

“Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

“Aslan’s instructions always work; there are no exceptions.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

“Though under earth, and throneless now I be
Yet while I lived all earth was under me.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

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Throne of Glass pdf cover

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Published: August 2, 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: No


The first installment of the Throne of Glass Novellas.


Calaena, a former assassin from Adarlan, has been imprisoned for over a year in the Endovier salt mines. Chaol Westfall has come to rescue her in the name of Prince Dorian. The prince seeks to have her represent him, in a competition that his father is hosting. The competition is essentially a search for the next King’s Champion. The King’s Champion is basically a fancy title, for the one who carries out the King’s thankless tasks for a living.

Dorian’s father the King, is a rather obnoxious and arrogant man, who has conquered many kingdoms through the lands of Erelia. The King has also forbidden the use of magic within his realm. Therefore, anyone caught even reading a book about the subject, receives the appropriate consequences. Though Calaena gained her reputation of being the greatest assassin in the land by disobeying her previous King. Calaena is still a worthy candidate to be champion, as her skills as an assassin are unmatched. Calaena has been escorted by Chaol to Dorian, to be interrogated about her possible participation in the event. She agrees and chooses to operate under the alias Lillian Gordania to hide her true identity.

As to be expected Lillian must now recover from her time spent working in the salt mines. Her body is in bad condition, she has also lost a lot of weight and it is difficult for her to retain foods. Lillian’s new dwelling is at the castle of the King, along with the other competitors. She is soon very aware of the great challenge which lies ahead of her, not to add, she is the lone female. Lillian has to avail against many powerfully built men if she hopes to achieve her goal. However, Chaol has orchestrated suitable training, to allow her to return to former level of skill.

Lillian maintains a low profile when the competition begins, as requested by Chaol. She, however, does have a moment where she displays her bravery, as she rescues a victim of potentially her greatest rival in the competition Cain. Cain is the competitor chosen by the King’s most trusted adviser. As the event continues, there is an obvious show of underhanded tactics at work, as champions are being discovered dead within the castle. There is also a love triangle brewing, as both Chaol the Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince Dorian, fall under the spell of Lillian’s charms.

Lillian begins to investigate the mysterious killings, but as she gets closer to the truth she is met with great danger. Cain and the sinister monster, Ridderak attempt to murder Calaena but luckily she is able to escape narrowly with her life.

It is discovered that Cain, has been using demons to weaken his opponents before he has fought them. Lillian being his next opponent is weakened the same as the others. Can she find a way overcome the vile or will she meet the same gruesome fate as the other competitors?

“Sometimes, the wicked will tell us things just to confuse us–to haunt our thoughts long after we’ve faced them.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

“Names are not important. It’s what lies inside of you that matters.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

“We all bear scars,… Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

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Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Published: 1991
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 14 April 2000 (USA)

IMDB American Psycho movie cast

Christian BaleChristian Bale
Patrick Bateman
Justin TherouxJustin Theroux
Timothy Bryce
Josh LucasJosh Lucas
Craig McDermott
Bill SageBill Sage
David Van Patten
Chloë SevignyChloë Sevigny
Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon
Evelyn Williams
samantha mathisSamantha Mathis
Courtney Rawlinson


An average, unsuspecting guy lives what appears to be on the surface a normal quiet life. He is wealthy, visits the gym and also spends time with his friends at the local night clubs. However, behind this façade he is a psychopathic killer during the night. This novel is written as a satire about modern society, where it highlights how things may not be always what they seem and also to the dangers of apathy.


Patrick Bateman, an investment banker, leads what anyone would assume to be a normal life. The novel begins with describing the evenings and nights that he spends with his friends.

One night when Bateman goes out to dinner with a couple friends, his friend Tim price is perturbed the entire night. He even buys sugar substitute believing it to be real drugs, as a means of relaxing. There are train tracks running through the night club, Price becomes entranced by the tracks and later disappears following the train tracks path. Bateman leaves the club not concerning himself with Price and Price is never seen again.

Later in the novel, Bateman is complaining to his dry cleaner, about the blood stains that have not been removed from his jacket. During his argument with the cleaner, a lady from his apart building walks in. After she notices the dried blood stains on his sheets, he is forced into convincing the lady that the stains are actually chocolate which she believes. Bateman later asks her out, but this all just for show as he ends the conversation with lady promising the call her later. Patrick does however, begin to date a girl by the name of Courtney later on “American Psycho”.

Courtney is a friend of Patrick’s girlfriend Evelyn. However, Patrick finds Evelyn boring and prefers to spend time with Courtney. Courtney is also in a relationship and because of her boyfriend she is unable to meet with Patrick whenever he would like. As a result Patrick decides to murder her boyfriend. While in the middle of choking her boyfriend, Luis, Luis reveals his secret feelings for Patrick. Patrick so surprised by this discovery leaves without killing Luis. Luis later tries to make Patrick admit his feelings for him in a department store. Patrick however, kicks in his face and leaves him embarrassed. Courtney has an affair with another man, while with Patrick and he loses feelings for her.

Paul Owen a coworker of Patrick, becomes the next source for Patrick’s obsession. Paul has access to an account which Patrick wants. Patrick tries various tactics to find out about the account but Owen offers him no information. Patrick grows tired of this, and knowing that the account will probably be reassigned to someone else if Paul dies. So he murders Paul. Patrick then covers his trail by trying to stage that Paul has moved to London.

A few months after Paul’s murder, a private detective shows up at Patrick’s office to ask him a few questions. Patrick shows obvious signs of being nervous but the detective is already certain that Paul has moved on London and doesn’t notice Patrick’s strange behavior.

Throughout “American Psycho”, Patrick murders many individuals and openly admits to these crimes throughout the novel in casual conversation. Due to his demeanor no one assumes anything to be strange about these statements. Later on Patrick begins seeing his secretary, she has a calming effect on him and he feel his bloodlust become less intense. Will his secretary be the collar for his murderous instincts or shall she become another victim?

“I think a lot of snowflakes are alike…and I think a lot of people are alike too.”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

“My pain is constant and sharp…this confession has meant nothing”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

“We buy balloons, we let them go.”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

“Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

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Geralds Game book pdf

Author: Stephen King
Published: May 1992
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 29 September 2017 (USA)

IMDB Geralds Game movie cast

Carla GuginoCarla Gugino
Jessie Burlingame
Bruce GreenwoodBruce Greenwood
Gerald Burlingame
Henry ThomasHenry Thomas
Carel StruyckenCarel Struycken
Moonlight Man
Kate SiegelKate Siegel
Chiara AureliaChiara Aurelia
Young Jessie
Natalie RoersNatalie Roers
Reporter #1
Gwendolyn Mulamba
Judge McGarnagle


These two plan a romantic getaway to their summer home in October. Gerald and Jessie planned to thoroughly enjoy their limited break from the stresses of their lives. They both decided to get kinky and Jessie ends up handcuffed to the bedposts.

But Jessie soon grows tired Geralds’s Game. Gerald still refused to stop after she makes this known to him. So she retaliates with unfortunate consequences, leaving Gerald dead. Now alone and incapacitated, her mind wanders.

From painful childhood memories to a nagging voice chopping away at her psyche. Her only company is her dead husband and a starving stray mutt. Stuck with no one for miles to hear her screams night approaches inducing, even more, unsurety in Jessies’s mind. Is she really alone or is there someone else in the room whispering dark thoughts from the shadows?

“Listening to it was like having a mud-slimed piece of silk drawn lightly back and forth across her face.”
― Stephen King, Gerald’s Game

“Words had a way of creating their own imperatives.”
― Stephen King, Gerald’s Game

“Some nightmares never completely ended.”
― Stephen King, Gerald’s Game

“Even if things go all wrong they’ll work out just fine.”
― Stephen King, Gerald’s Game

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night circus pdf novel cover

Author: Erin Morgenstern
Published: September 13, 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Language: English
Book File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: In Development


An intriguing tale of love, found between two magic warriors originally pitted against each other to fight to the death. One magician utilizing the teachings of an older era of magic, the other molded in the modern lessons. The two chose to change their fate, and create a different future for themselves. One filled with mystery and entertainment, as they bring the world’s most mysterious circus to life.


The story takes its origins from the city of New York, in the year of 1873. Hector Bowen, more commonly known as Prospero the Enchanter, is reunited with his daughter. Cecilia Bowen is five years old with eyes similar to her father. She is carrying a note with her that informs Hector, of her mother’s suicide.

Hector quickly recognizes that his daughter possesses magical abilities. He contacts his former teacher Mr. AH and demands a magical duel. The conditions of the duel would be a fight to the death, in a clash between the old and new teachings of magic. Mr. AH accepts Hector’s proposal and begins a search for his own apprentice. Mr. AH finds a suitable pupil at an orphanage, Marco Alisdar, a young orphan boy. Mr. AH decides that this boy shall be the one he grooms in the ways of old magic.

At the age of 18 years, young Marco was sent to be the assistant to an eccentric man by the name of Chandresh Lefevre. Chandresh, who is working on an idea to bring a traveling night circus to life, hires Cecilia to be a magician at the circus. Unaware of the long-planned duel to the death they each have been groomed for. The two work at the circus, unknowingly preparing the stage for the greatest clash of magic, the world has yet to see.

Marco however, learns about the duel and sets up a spy to observe Cecilia. The spy is Marco’s girlfriend Isobel, who casts a harmony spell upon the circus as soon as she arrives. The spell allows for Marco and Cecilia to work in unison as they perform for the circus. The two push each other, as they continually try to outdo the other in their magical displays. From the creation of moving carousels to gardens made entirely of ice, they displayed a rich well of magical abilities. As the competition rages on, the illusionists realize that there is a powerful emotional between the two of them. They try to ignore these feelings but it’s obvious they are falling in love.

Isobel a few years later, discovers the love Marco and Cecilia share for each other, and in a fit of revenge undoes the harmony spell. Destroying the peace within in the circus which held for years. In the absence of the spell, this allows chaos to enter the circus. The very same day as the veil was removed Chandresh in a drunken state arrives at the circus and murders Herr Thiessen. Cecilia sensing the disharmony rushes to restore the harmony within the circus. This task proves to be too much for Cecilia to manage, especially with the competition going on. She resolves to end the competition by thrusting herself into fire, allowing Marco to win. It is as at that moment that Cecilia discovered a solution which will save both Marco and herself. They would be freed from the competition. But do they have the courage to take the risk?

“The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones.”
― Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”
― Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

“Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. The future is never set in stone, remember that.”
― Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

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Books or Movies more for men or women?

A poll with 2000 British men indicates that men prefer the big screen films to the origin books. Of course, the study also indicated other facts, men read more slowly than women also they generally read less than them. In fact, nearly 3/4 of men would rather see the movie than reading a novel.

The majority of men blamed this on a lack of time while others simply don't enjoy reading. Some even admitted to reading certain literature only to appear more knowledgeable. Even though this reason might be true we believe the inherent nature of men is to be more visual. Women prefer to use their imagination. Books, even though very descriptive still leave a lot of gaps to be filled by the readers own creativity. Movies are a bit more straightforward, the visuals automatically fill that gap for you.

Of course watching a movie will save you time rather than reading a novel. Motion picture visualization already takes away the need for any in-depth descriptions. Remember that phrase a picture is worth a thousand words - cannot be truer than in a movie adaption. Men being visual creatures can then argue that watching a movie is a time-saving activity as opposed to reading the corresponding literature.

But there are other advantages to reading rather than viewing film adaptations. Such as improving vocabulary, comprehension and other important traits. Maybe reading is why women are more in tune with their emotions or can relate to others better than men can because they literally speak the same language.

As a guy myself, I will put in the effort to read more rather than just changing the channel to watch. With the increase in books being changed to movies, I am sure there is not a shortage of novels to satisfy a slacking of visual stimulation. Thanks for reading!

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