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Nineteen Eighty-Four is divided into basically three parts, Awakening, Rebellion, and re-education.


1984 opens the story of Winston, who is on his way home in Oceania. In Oceania, everyone has something called a telescreen which is like a television but instead of lioadcasting in only one direction it transmits in both directions resulting in a third party watching everyone. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth where he doctors documents to make them conform to the party’s version of reality. He does not like the party or the nature of what they are promoting or what they have done. Another party member, O’Brien seems to be like Winston where they both want to change society. Winston rents a room with no telescreen and resides there, but he is spied on by a woman.


The woman and Winston become lovers. The party is anti-sex. Therefore, their actions are seen as rebellion. They also participated in other ‘illegal activities’ and then proceeded to search for other people conspiring against the party as they were. O’Brian provides Wilson and Julia (the woman) with a book entitled ‘A History of Oceania‘ by Emmanuel Goldstein, who is a legendary enemy of the party. The book confirmed all their suspicions. Apparently, there was a telescreen in their room, and men in black suits capture them.


Winston is locked up, and O’ Brian shows up and reveals he was a traitor to Winston. O’Brian takes charge of his torture. The goal of the torture was to reshape Winston’s manner of thinking by using pain and other advanced techniques. He is successful. After further rehab, Winston is pronounced cured and is free to see Julia, but then something happens.

A bit of history

In the year 1984, Apple released a commercial on the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four during Superbowl 18 the commercial symbolized the freedom of people from dictatorship. If you have not watched the movie Jobs as yet, you should do so. It’s a great film! Plus the commercial is in the movie (or just YouTube it).

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