Reading Sanctuary

We are a group of individuals investigating patterns associated with, book to film adaptations. Our group comprises of bookworms, web development specialist, couch potatoes and an analytical team.

The purpose of this site is to provide a means for the gathering of such data.
Also to inform users of popular upcoming and past adaptations published.
We also provide a link to sources for the literature.

Remember if you like something you should buy it! It does authors no good if you are downloading all their literature for free with out them getting something back. But we understand some books and movies may be banned or unavailable in some countries. Only in such a case should you be download free novels.

Also follow the rules below for every book download

  • If you download a book through our website and like it, we require you to leave a review on Amazon about the novel. This will help authors by enticing other readers to buy.
  • Also when it is physically possible for you to buy the book you are required to do so. Also, encourage your acquatances to as well.
  • The website is still under development.


    Our Gift To You

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