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PDF Title: After We Fell
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Anna Todd
Publication Date: December 30, 2014
Genre: Adult Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Series Release Date: 1 September 2021

After We Fell Quotes:

“You’re my better place, Tess.”
― Anna Todd, After We Fell

“He has to see what he has. He has to know that you’re serious this time. You have to let him miss you.”
― Anna Todd, After We Fell


“It’s like being in a room with three Karens,”
― Anna Todd, After We Fell


In September 2020, the film adaptation of the second book in Anna Todd’s After novel series, After We Collided, debuted and received a good reception from fans globally. If you are unfamiliar with the Afterverse productions, the film and the novel share the same name. The success of After We Collided earned the adaptation of additional books in the After novel series. These books include; After We Fell, After Ever Happy and even the prequel covering the life of Hardin Scott before he met Tessa. However, Afte We Fell will be the focus of this article.

From the cliffhanger ending of After We Collide, audiences discovered that the homeless man Hardin rejected at the start of the film was Tessa’s father, Richard. Now the answer to the year-long question of “what happens now?” that fans of the Afterverse film series have eagerly asked is here. That answer has come in the form of the Castille Landon, directed project titled after its source material After We Fell. The film retains the cast of the series two-star characters, Josephine Langford, as Tessa Young, and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin Scott. After the film’s debut in the USA on September 30th, 2021, audiences witnessed a story fueled by a rollercoaster of emotions stemming from the revelation of dark family secrets. Hardin and Tessa both no longer know who they can trust, and Hardin even works to sabotage Tessa’s life at the seams. After We Fell, just like its predecessors, then ends on another masterfully placed cliffhanger. The answers to this cliffhanger you as a fan expect to find in the 2022 debut of After Ever Happy.

But as said throughout this article, After We Fell is an adaption of Anna Todd’s 2014 novel that shares the film’s name. Below is a summary of that novel’s plot for those interested.

After We Fell Plot

It is a little-known fact that the inspiration for the plot for After Well came from online fanfiction about Harry Styles. Harry Styles was a member of the once-popular band One Direction, which was on hiatus since 2015. The plot of the novel goes as follows.

The novel starts focused on the cherished romance of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. The fire of their love is burning hot, fueled by zealous passion. The young couple is now living together in an apartment near Washington Central University, which they both currently attend. Even though the couple’s romance is alive, and well insecurity remains very present under the surface. This ugly shadow in their relationship bubbles to the surface when Hardin expresses his intentions of moving to London with Tessa. Tessa wishes to remain with Hardin but, she has an exciting new job opportunity to work at Vance Publishing’s Seattle branch. Hardin then confronts Tessa about why he is only now learning about this, and he tries to convince Tessa to change her mind. Tessa is adamant that she does not want to lose this opportunity and rejects Hardin’s attempts to influence her. Tessa then tries to convince Hardin that he should travel to Seattle with her. Hardin rebuffs her suggestion due to his hatred of the culture in Seattle. Hardin realizing that neither side is willing to concede begrudgingly contemplates how to make a long-distance romance work.

The tension rises even higher when Hardin recalls his jealousy for Tessa’s co-worker Trevor. Tessa again tries to console Hardin that Trevor is merely a friend from work but, Hardin’s insecurities will not let the matter fade away. Tessa and Hardin’s relationship de-evolve into a constant battle of tug of war. Tessa expresses her desire to reconnect with her father, Richard Young that she has not seen in nearly a decade and, Hardin is apprehensive about it. Richard has been a struggling alcoholic for years.

Later in the novel, Hardin ironically bonds with Richard when they become fighting partners in a local bar brawl. Tessa later arrives to collect the drunken warriors. However, even after reconnecting with her father, Tessa and Hardin’s relationship remains on edge.

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After We Fell by Anna Todd

4.17 / 5 (23 votes)

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