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Title: American Psycho
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Publication Date: 1991
Genre: Thriller
Audiobook : Yes
Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 14 April 2000 (USA)


An average, unsuspecting guy lives what appears to be on the surface a normal quiet life. He is wealthy, visits the gym and also spends time with his friends at the local nightclubs. However, behind this façade, he is a psychopathic killer during the night. This novel is written as a satire about modern society, where it highlights how things may not be always what they seem and also to the dangers of apathy.


American Psycho Book PDF Plot

Patrick Bateman, an investment banker, leads what anyone would assume to be a normal life. The novel begins with describing the evenings and nights that he spends with his friends.

One night when Bateman goes out to dinner with a couple friends, his friend Tim price is perturbed the entire night. He even buys sugar substitute believing it to be real drugs, as a means of relaxing. There are train tracks running through the nightclub, Price becomes entranced by the tracks and later disappears following the train tracks path. Bateman leaves the club not concerning himself with Price and Price is never seen again.

Later in the novel, Bateman is complaining to his dry cleaner, about the blood stains that have not been removed from his jacket. During his argument with the cleaner, a lady from his apart building walks in. After she notices the dried blood stains on his sheets, he is forced into convincing the lady that the stains are actually chocolate which she believes. Bateman later asks her out, but this all just for show as he ends the conversation with lady promising the call her later. Patrick does, however, begin to date a girl by the name of Courtney later on “American Psycho”.

Courtney is a friend of Patrick’s girlfriend, Evelyn. However, Patrick finds Evelyn boring and prefers to spend time with Courtney. Courtney is also in a relationship and because of her boyfriend, she is unable to meet with Patrick whenever he would like. As a result, Patrick decides to murder her boyfriend. While in the middle of choking her boyfriend, Luis, Luis reveals his secret feelings for Patrick. Patrick so surprised by this discovery leaves without killing Luis. Luis later tries to make Patrick admit his feelings for him in a department store. Patrick however, kicks in his face and leaves him embarrassed. Courtney has an affair with another man, while with Patrick and he loses feelings for her.

Paul Owen a coworker of Patrick, becomes the next source for Patrick’s obsession. Paul has access to an account which Patrick wants. Patrick tries various tactics to find out about the account but Owen offers him no information. Patrick grows tired of this and knowing that the account will probably be reassigned to someone else if Paul dies. So he murders Paul. Patrick then covers his trail by trying to stage that Paul has moved to London.

A few months after Paul’s murder, a private detective shows up at Patrick’s office to ask him a few questions. Patrick shows obvious signs of being nervous but the detective is already certain that Paul has moved on London and doesn’t notice Patrick’s strange behavior.

Throughout “American Psycho”, Patrick murders many individuals and openly admits to these crimes throughout the novel in casual conversation. Due to his demeanor, no one assumes anything to be strange about these statements. Later on, Patrick begins seeing his secretary, she has a calming effect on him and he feels his bloodlust become less intense. Will his secretary be the collar for his murderous instincts or shall she become another victim?

“I think a lot of snowflakes are alike…and I think a lot of people are alike too.”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

“My pain is constant and sharp…this confession has meant nothing”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

“We buy balloons, we let them go.”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

“Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?”
― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

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