American Sniper Chris Kyle

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Christopher Kyle was known as the most successful American sniper. His career had lasted ten years before he was honorably discharged in 2009. He had to choose between family and the military; he had a child who he could not spend time with because he was often away from America. Chris, as most vets often do, found it difficult to adjust to civilian life but was able to start his own company CRAFT securities and wrote his New York Times Best Selling, American Sniper bibliography. Unfortunately, Chris was murdered at a shooting range on February 2nd, 2013.

According to this book he had 255 confirmed kills from 255 claimed kills. A claimed kill is when a shot hits a target, but the death of said target is unknown. He served in 4 tours of the Iraq war and received some of the highest awarded medals in the US military.

Christopher was known as the “Devil of Ramadi” in Iraq, many bounties were placed on his head. They even put up pictures for his bounty, but they got the picture wrong and included an image of another sniper. Throughout his military tours, he was shot twice and involved in multiple IED attacks.


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American Sniper

Below is the film adaptation of the American Sniper Book.


Starring Bradley Cooper.

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