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PDF Title: Artemis
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Andy Weir
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
Genre: Science fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Artemis
Series Release Date: June 2021


21st Century Disney has acquired the rights to a well-anticipated film titled Artemis. Artemis, upon release, will be an adaptation of the popular sci-fi book Artemis(2017) written by Andy Weir. Artemis gained excitement for its release due to the success of another Andy Weir book-to-movie adaptation called The Martain. The Martian(2015) was a multiple award-winning sci-fi film starring Matt Damon if you are unfamiliar with the film. Atermis’ storyline follows the life of Jazz, a carrier and who moonlights as a smuggler on a city built on the moon called Artemis. The film will be directed by Into the Spiderverse(2019) directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Intro the Spiderverse was another massive success that revolutionized how people view American animation. So is it safe to say that Artemis is in good hands? I think so. There is no star announced to play the role of Jazz right now, but I’m excited to see who gets the part as production proceeds. Unfortunately, 21st Century Disney has multiple films set for release this year. Therefore the release date for Artemis remains to be announced.


Have you ever wondered if humans could live on the moon? How would a society based on the moon even operate? If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind Artemis(2017) by Andy Weir will provide a feast for your imagination. The book takes place in the 2080s, where Earth has established its first self-sustained city on the moon called Artemis. Although the story takes place on the moon, the Artemisians share similar problems of survival to us on Earth. If you are a wealthy person on, Earth it becomes much easier to get your basics needs meet. This basic fact also applies to the Artemisians, though they use a digital credit service called Soft-Landed Grams or slugs for short. Artemis is merely a city, not a country, so it doesn’t have its currency. People use slugs when doing cargo deliveries from Earth to Artemis. People on Earth would pay in Earth currencies such as euros, yen, etc., and be allowed to make shipments to Artemis. The KSC(think of them as a bank) manages and keeps track of all slug transactions. For those who find themselves on the lower end of the economic bracket, survival becomes harder. This understanding allows us to better look through the eyes of the book’s main character Jasmine “Jazz” Bashara. Jazz is a full-time porter and part-time smuggler on Artemis. Unfortunately, yes, bills even exist on the moon. Her legal job doesn’t pay enough so, Jazz smuggles contraband for extra cash.


At the beginning of the book, Jazz has only dabbled in contraband smuggling. However, Jazz dives deeper into the criminal world when one of her usual clients Trond Landvik, offers her a huge payday. Trond is planning a hostile to take over Sanchez Aluminum. A company that produces and manages the complete oxygen supply to the city. Trond needs Jazz to sabotage the company’s anorthite harvesters to cripple the company’s ability to function. Trond would swoop in with his harvesters to save the day, stealing the profitable oxygen contract from Sanchez in the process. During Jazz’s interaction with Trond, she notices that his assistant Jin Chu is hiding a case marked ZAFO(Zero Attenuation Fiber Optic). Despite the danger involved, the sum is too large for Jazz to ignore, and she accepts the job.

Jazz then goes about gathering the tools for the job. Jazz takes some welding supplies from her father, Ammar and, a small robot called a HIB from one of her colleges. On the day, Jazz planned to carry out the job. Jazz uses one of her friend Martin Svoboda’s inventions to create an illusion showing her staying at home.

Jazz then travels to the harvester worksite, where she successfully sabotages all of the harvesters. Unluckily, Jazz doesn’t make a clean getaway. Attempting to sneak past the EVA masters guarding every airlock, Jazz’s ex-friend Dale detects her. Jazz still holds resentment to Dale, who stole Jazz’s former boyfriend from her. Dale promises to keep Jazz’s actions a secret if they could become friends once more. Stuck in a very vulnerable position Jazz, unwillingly accepts Dale’s request.

When Jazz goes to rendevous with Trond to collect her fee, she finds him and his bodyguard dead. Jazz decides the next best person to turn to is Jin Chu. Jazz tracks him down to an upscale hotel, where Trond’s assailant attacks her. Lady luck smiles on Jazz this time, and she barely manages to escape with the ZAFO case intact. Frantic for answers, Jazz the case to Martin so he could examine it. Martin reveals to Jazz that Sanchez Aluminum merely a cover for O Palácio, Brazil’s most notorious criminal body’s plans.

Jazz has found herself in a pool filled with bloodthirsty sharks. Alvarez, the man who killed Trond, has made her his next target. With Trond dead, she has lost her payday. Where does Jazz even go from here?

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Artemis by Andy Weir

4.30 / 5 (10 votes)

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