Before I Go To Sleep S. J. Watson

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before i go to sleep kindle cover
Author: S J Watson
Name: Before I Go to Sleep
Published: 1952
Language: English
Genre:  Novel
PDF version created: Yes
ISBN: 0-85752-017-2
Movie: Yes
Movie Release Date31 October 2014

Before I Go To Sleep S. J. Watson Book PDF Plot

Before I go to Sleep is the first novel by S.J. Watson and was released in 2011. It soon became a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller. Produced in over 30 different languages and topping charts in multiple countries at once. Now a movie is being produced check out the trailer below.

The Novel relates the story of a woman who suffered from amnesia. She awakens with memory loss of the previous day (kind of like 50 first dates. Awesome movie watch it if you get a chance). She keeps an updated journal and tries to regain her lost memory by updating it before she goes to sleep. A doctor helps her to recover valuable information about her life; she discovers her name is Christine Lucas and is a 47 years old with a son. As she progresses through life, her journal grows as well, but doubts are formed about who she is.

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