City of bones

Cast overview, first billed only:
lily collins Lily Collins
Jamie Campbell Bower Jamie Campbell Bower
Kevin Zegers Kevin Zegers
Jemima West Jemima West
robert sheehan Robert Sheehan


The City Of Bones eBook starts on New Year’s Day; a dog digs up a bone in Laurel Canyon outside of the city of LA. The dog’s owner, a specialist, determines that the bone is human and calls the police. Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is the detective along with his partner Jerry Edgar to take the case. In the wake of researching the matter further, a grave holding the bones of a child is found. Bosch is forced to investigate a case that brings back memories from his adolescence.pdf icon

The bones are identified as that of a 12-year old which had been covered 20 years prior. To illuminate the homicide, Bosch needs to burrow through records of cases including vanishings and runaways dating very far back. Bosch needs to re-question witnesses and suspects from previous incidents thoroughly.

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Following 20 years time, a considerable measure of the subtle elements once recalled about the vanishing of the kid are inaccurate and leads Bosch to a dead end. In the meantime, a female freshman named Julia Brasher joins the city division. Despite the fact that Bosch has been cautioned not to succumb to a freshman, he does, and this prompts further inconveniences, both during and after the investigation.

Cassandra Clare provided this excellent trilogy for us check the site for the other two books! Link to the trailer is below. The download link to the book is available for all e-readers (Kindle and Nook included) you may acquire a copy of the book from Amazon using the link below.

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City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments)

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