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Dark Places [PDF] written by the author of Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn is set to become a movie in 2015! Above is the top actor list; also according to the article linked Sharp Objects might also be on its way to the big screen. Libby (who will be played by Chloe Moretz in the movie) was still a small child when her entire family was murdered by her brother, Ben, or so she thought. She managed to escape but at a hefty price. It was snowing that night, and due to the cold, she lost some fingers and toes. But she survived and later confessed that it was her Ben who was the killer.

A group then tries to free Ben from Prison some 25 years after the incident and finds Libby to get some information from her. She secretly schemed to profit from her misfortune. By charging a fee, she will analyze the events of that night to verify what she thought to be real.

Bit by bit the truth becomes clear to Libby as she travels to many places in search of answers, relaying the events in her head. And she found herself back where the Dark Places ebook began, on the run from a killer!
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Dark Places A Novel

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