Ender’s Game

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Enders Game movie
Author: Orson Scott
Published: 1985
Genre: Military Science Fiction
Movie: Yes
Movie Release Date: November 1, 2013
Top 5 Actors:
Asa Butterfield
Harrison Ford
Hailee Steinfeld
Abigail Breslin
Ben Kingsley
PDF’s version created: Yes

The story is set in the future; humans are battling Formics, a deceptive alien race hellbent on destroying all of Humanity. This battle was raging for over seventy years. Fifty years before the Earth managed to regain control by the destruction of the enemies main ship by the now hero Mazer Rackham.
All Earth’s countries remained united to put a stop to this attempted conquering of humanity. Not to add the aliens were far more technologically advanced than us at the time. A boy both strategically brilliant and quiet, Ender Wiggin, was chosen to become the one who might save Earth from almost certain demise.

He is torn away from his sister and brother to be trained in battle school, where he undergoes various intense tests to groom him for the next invasion of the aliens. The International Military prepares Ender along with a team, but Major Anderson is concerned about the boy’s mental state during this war.

Ender’s becomes an empathetic killer, who hated what he was forced to become, but also acknowledges that this is for the safety and survival of the human race. Will Ender be able to save the Human race can he play out the battle scenarios successfully or will he fail since he is inexperienced in the ways of war?

The book is available through the link in on the left, get a copy before watching the movie, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Below is the trailer for the film which also helps to summarize the plot but please read the given plot above first.

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Ender’s Game


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