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Book Title: The Heir
Publication Date:   May 5, 2015
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author:     Kiera Cass
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language:    English
ISBN: 9780062349859
Movie:        No

The Heir Summary

For those of you who have read other books in The Selection Series, the novel The Heir by Kiera Cass follows the perspective of Maxon and America’s daughter, Princess Eadlyn. For those of you who have not read The Selection Series, the novels take place in Illéia which is similar to a futuristic the United States, but one that exists in a world of segregated socio-economic classes called “castes.” Where The Heir takes place, Eadlyn’s father has deconstructed the castles, and there is turmoil brewing, but I digress…

Eadlyn is born just ahead of her brother Ahren, and before her father’s rule, he would have been the heir to the throne. But the laws have since been changed, allowing her to be the first female ruler of the country which excites her, but leaves her feeling overwhelmed. As I mentioned before, the castles have since been deconstructed, and the country is in distress. So as a means to distract the people, Eadlyn’s parents propose that she go through her own Selection, which entails the heir to the throne choosing a suitor. Eadlyn opposes this as she is quite stubborn and believes that she is not quite ready for love or marriage.


The Selection is meant to last three months. Her parents decided, if at the end of the three months she’s not truly satisfied, she isn’t required to choose anyone. The selection begins, and we meet a variety of suitors, some of which catch Eadlyn’s attention. As a publicity stunt, there is a parade through the city, but it is cut short by the disgruntled population throwing food and insulting her. She realizes at this point that she isn’t held in the highest regard by the people of the city.

As the story progresses, we see the elimination of some of the suitors and the relationship development with other key characters. Eadlyn frequently toils with learning how to interact properly with the suitors as well as other people. The suitors she shows interest in include Kile Woodwork, the architect, who is one of the only suitors she knew before The Selection. Additionally, he didn’t put his name in to participate in The Selection, so there is a little bit of friction between him and Eadlyn. There is also Ean Cabel, who she perceives as overly confident, and the extremely polite Hale Garner. She is presented with a multitude of bachelors that she begins to develop feelings for but is unsure how to deal with these feelings and interactions.

The novel The Heir centers mainly on Eadlyn’s struggles with her identity and her development of self-awareness. She must learn to come to terms with allowing herself to be more vulnerable to love and be loved. She always worries that she is not perceived as relatable, but instead is viewed as stubborn, spoiled and conceited; making for some very anxious and sometimes frustrating reading as she learns to adjust to common practices in dealing with relationships and communicating her thoughts and feelings appropriately.

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The Heir (The selection Book 4)

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