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Everything I Never Told You Book Summary

Everything I Never Told You is about a Chinese-American family in 1970’s Ohio. Lydia is the bright blue eyed, jet-black haired daughter of Marilyn and James Lee. As most parents are, Lydia’s are determined to see her fulfill their unfinished dreams; Marilyn wishes for her become a doctor while James wants her to be popular in school and be the center of every party.

But, tragedy struck, and Lydia body is found in a nearby lake. Of course this tragedy, gravely stresses the family, but they all dealt with it in different ways. James is consumed by guilt and sets off on a destructive path, Marilyn is devastated and angry and would stop at nothing to find out who killed their daughter.  Nathan, Lydia’s eldest sibling, is convinced that Jack the neighborhood bad boy is responsible. But Hannah, the youngest of the family is the only one who might know what really happened to Lydia. She had observed much more than any of them had realized.

Everything I Never Told You, focuses on the struggles of cultural differences and personalities within a family. The [PDF] also helps to uncover ways as to why some families have so many difficulties understanding one another.

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Everything I Never Told You: A Novel


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