Reading Sanctuary exists as an intermediary between author, users, and queries. We attempt to offer users who are already on the path to obtaining electronic copies of works a chance to help authors. We do this by encouraging users to purchase the book if they liked it and a mandatory action of leaving a positive book review on popular book sites. Reading Sanctuary does not host or plan to host any infringing copyrighted content on our domain. We source already existing content only. Meaning that if Reading Sanctuary did not exist users would just as easily obtain a copy of the book queried BUT without assisting authors.


Copyrighted works are an every pressing issue in recent years. The sales of physical books have indeed declined. Not because people are reading less but most reading is now being done on electronic devices. This increase in online viewership resulted unfortunately in works being shared online without any benefit to authors. As long as users prefer to read PDF/epub books rather than the physical copies this issue will exist.


Users and Queries

Reading Sanctuary only becomes relevant when users are looking for eBook versions of novels online. We then strongly suggest to users to either purchase the book and also to leave a review. We further enforce this through email marketing campaigns.



  1. We do not upload any infringing content on our domain or any other website. We only link to existing content on the web which users will find with or without our presence.
  2. All books obtained through Reading Sanctuary require users to leave a review of the book on popular book sites such as Goodreads and Amazon (we primarily promote Amazon). This is further enforced through email marketing campaigns which server as reminders for users.
  3. We have sold hundreds of electron versions of book searched for to date and have the proof to back it up. If we did not exist these potential purchases would be lost.



Our Gift To You

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