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Frankenstein [PDF] kindle cover

Book Title: Frankenstein
Publication Date:   May, 1st 1984
Author:      Mary Shelley
Language:    English
Genre:    Horror, Gothic, Romance
Book File Type: [PDF]
ISBN-10: 0553212478
Movie:        Yes
Movie Release Dates:  
21 November 1931
4 November 1994
24 January 2014

Book to Movie Cast List for 2014 Adaptation

Frankenstein Summary

A scientist, Henry Frankenstein conducts experiments concerning the re-animation of the dead. He began by testing his theories on small animals and was successful. He is now ready to advance his experiments by attempting to create a man, using body parts which he collected from graveyards and gallows. His family and friends are worried about his health since he spends far too much time in his lab experimenting.

Nevertheless, his experiment results were satisfactory, he had created a gentle creature, but it was afraid of fire. Henry’s father, Barron Frankenstein convinced his son that the monster should be destroyed. Before he could destroy his creation, the experiment escapes and incidentally kills a little girl. Which of course, spread like wildfire ( no puns intended) and all of the villagers became intent on destroying the creature, Frankenstein.


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