Ghost in the Shell

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Ghost in the Shell [PDF] Manga Cover

Author: Masamune Shirow
Publication Date: September 2007
Genre: Manga/Non-Fiction
Language: English
Book File Type: [PDF]
Adaptation: Yes

Movie Release Dates: March 31st 2017


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Know in Japan as Mobile Armored Riot Police, Ghost in the Shell is a manga series written by Masamune Shirow. This includes:

  • First: Ghost in the Shell
  • Second: Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor.
  • Third: Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface.
  • Some of his other work includes Orion and Black Magic if you wish to read some more manga.

    But, luckily for us there is a possible Blockbuster adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson releasing this month. A manga to movie adaptation, maybe one of the biggest yet!

    Get ready for the release on March 31st!

    So What Exactly Is The Manga About?

    In the year 2029, the first book/manga of the 3 part series begins with a group investigating the Puppeteer – a criminal wanted for his numerous crimes executed through ‘Ghost Hacking’ humans with modified brains. The investigation unit, Section 9 lead by Daisuke and Motoko, soon discover that the Puppeteer is actually an AI created by the government able to occupy robot bodies/ Shells.

    With this information, they destroy its latest host. But the Puppet Master is transferred into the Motoko mind. The AI speaks to her explaining its goal to further evolve resulting in her allowing it to merge with her. The Major(Motoko) then sets off as a private contractor. She would occasionally meet up with her old team but with a different Shell. Then begins the Human-Error Processor, the second manga in the series. Leave us a comment or like if you enjoyed this brief summary.

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    Ghost in the Shell

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