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Title:     Go Ask Alice
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
Author:     Beatrice Sparks
Publication Date: 1973
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
Language:    English
Adaptation:       Yes
Movie Release Dates: 1971
Name: Go Ask Alice

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Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks is a novel about a troubled teenage girl, written in the first person as diary entries. The name of the main character is never discovered, and the cover of the novel even says that its writer is anonymous.


The novel begins with a sensitive, smart young woman writing in her diary about everyday teenage problems. Crushes, social acceptance and difficulty with her parents. Eventually, she lets out the fact that she has a serious problem with drugs.



Her father, a college professor, receives a job offer at a new college and initially, the girl is enthusiastic about the move. But shortly after arriving, she begins to feel like an outcast with no friends. She then meets a young woman named Beth who quickly becomes her best friend. Beth goes away for the summer, and the young lady returns to her hometown to spend the summer with her grandparents.


While back in her hometown, she meets up with some old school friends, including an old acquaintance, Jill. Jill invites her to a party and at the party, it turns out that some glasses of soda have been laced with LSD. The young woman unknowingly consumes one of these glasses and has her first experience with drugs.


Leading her on a downward spiral as she becomes friends with the people from the party, and begins actively seeking drugs. During one of her trips, she loses her virginity and is subjected to a pregnancy scare. At the same time, her grandfather has a heart attack. The combined stresses of both these events lead this young woman to begin stealing sleeping pills from her grandparents.


While shopping one day, the young lady meets another girl named Chris. The two bond quickly over drugs, and become friends. They end up dating two college boys who happen to deal drugs. They begin to start selling drugs for their boyfriends, bring them the money they made. They soon figure out, that the two boys were merely using them to make money, and they turn them into the authorities and run away to San Francisco.


They both secure jobs, and one night, Chris’ employer Sheila invites them to a party where they are once again re-introduced to drugs. This time, they are introduced to heroin, and while stoned, they are sexually assaulted. Traumatized, the two realize they must leave the city, and they move to Berkeley where they start their own business. It is a small success, but both girls miss their families. So the two decide to head home for Christmas.


While home, the young woman is subjected to hostility from her former circle of drug friends. One night, the young woman gets high and runs away. At this point, we see her plummet quickly towards rock bottom as she drifts through homeless shelters, hitchhiking, prostitution and eventually homelessness. She does eventually return home, but her former friends drug her against her will. She, unfortunately, has a bad trip and then is admitted to a mental hospital.


While being a work of fiction, the novel darkly portrays some of the hardships and struggles a teenager can endure while growing up. We see the path taken quickly go astray, in a story that feels familiar, but just outside of reach. Appreciating this novel as an absolute extreme is a must, but one must realize in some situations, events such as these do occur. It’s quite an intricate, and intimate look into the effect peer pressure has on a person and the consequences that can arise.

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