Top 5 Gone Girl Actors

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pike Rosamund Pike
Amy Dunne
ben affleck Ben Affleck
Nick Dunne
Neil Patrick Harris
Desi Cobrings
Missi Pyle
Ellen Abbott
Scoot McNairy
Carrie Coon
Margo Dunne


The book Gone Girl written by Gillian Flynn begins in North Carthage, Missouri. The book starts with the celebration of Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne’s wedding anniversary, notably their 5th one. During the preparation process for a standard anniversary which includes the wrapping of presents and creation of reservations. Nick’s wife mysteriously disappears.

the beautiful and talented author

the beautiful and talented author

Of course, Nick is devastated and only adds to his distress by a yearning for his wife through dreams and memories. Even further adding to his frustration, his wife disappearance became the center of the media which liought his character into suspicion for her disappearance. In case you have not noticed Amy is the girl that is missing or ‘gone’ in the title of the book.pdf icon

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Upon further investigation, Amy is apparently not the exactly what they expected. Did Mr. Dunne kill his wife? Read the novel to find out before the movie comes out.

Famous Book quotes

“There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold.”

“Sleep is like a cat: It only comes to you if you ignore it.”

“Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every last awful bit.”

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“A lot of people lacked that gift: knowing when to fuck off.”

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