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PDF Title: Gone
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Michael Grant
Publication Date: 2008
Genre: Young-Adult Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
File Type : PDF Download / Read Online
Movie adaptation:

Gone is the first book in a series by Michael Grant and is about an American town called Perdido Beach where everyone over the age of 15 mysteriously disappears one day. The city becomes surrounded by an impenetrable barrier, and strangely enough, some of them begin to develop supernatural powers.

The novel starts with the protagonist, Sam Temple, and his friends Astrid and Quinn. They explore the area shortly after the disappearances of everyone over the age of fifteen and discover that they are trapped by a force field. Strangely enough, the barrier emanates from a local nuclear power plant just outside of town. Upon exploring the power plant, they uncover that the barrier coincides with a map marking the radiation patterns from the plants explosion 15 years ago.


Some kids from a local school, Coates Academy, arrive and begin trying to take over the town. A boy named Caine is at the head of this group, and he had discovered his telekinetic powers before this event took place. Unfortunately, Caine’s motives are less than noble, and he soon begins bullying the kids in town, taking over by force.

Shortly after this takeover, Caine uncovers a dark secret about the youth who age within this barrier zone, known as the FAYZ. When someone turns 15, they are confronted by something they desire, that only they can see, and then they vanish. This worries Caine as now he knows that everyone in the town is on a countdown until they too disappear.

Upon discovering a secret about Sam, Caine has him, and Astrid kidnapped. The two manage to escape with the help of Quinn and Astrid’s brother, Pete. Enraged, Caine enlists the help of a psychopathic boy named Drake to kill Astrid. Drake’s plan is foiled by Sam, and in the process, Drake loses his arm. After this, Drake decides that he might be able to get his arm back with the forced assistance of a girl named Lana, who has the power to heal. He kidnaps her and takes her into a cave where an entity known as the Darkness grants his wish and gives him a whip for an arm.

Caine can convince a group of mutated coyotes to join forces with him, as during the disappearance, the Coyotes gained the ability to speak. He attacks the town, leading to a showdown between Sam and Caine in the town square. This encounter is at a critical moment, as both Sam and Caine are just about to turn 15. Knowing what to expect, Caine rejects the desire and can stay in the FAYZ. Sam follows suit, and the two of them become the oldest people in the FAYZ.

The novel is a modern adaptation of The Lord of the Flies and applies more modern and supernatural events to the scenarios they encounter. The story often takes dark and nasty turns, as characters are maimed or killed – even some children. While the descriptions of such events are sometimes left vague, more often than not, they are explicitly detailed which can be gruesome at times. The novel also incorporates a love story between Astrid and Sam, which makes for some exciting development as she often influences Sam’s decisions.

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Gone: a Novel

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