Heaven Is For Real

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Heaven Is for Real

This book describes the miraculous story of a three-year-old boy’s seemingly real trip to Heaven and back. The story begins with the Burpo family experiencing some tribulations. Todd, who is the family head, and the sole breadwinner suffers from a severe leg break and is battling cancer. He managed to recover, and the family decides to take a vacation.

Before the trip Sonja, his wife realized Colton was becoming sick. But he soon recovered, so they still proceed to travel. But he becomes ill again on the trip and has to be rushed to the hospital.  The cause of the sickness was that his appendix ruptured, and toxins are pdf iconpolluting his body. As you can imagine, Colton is near death as he is sent into surgery.


He somehow recovers but is not quite the same. They thought he was ill and were about to send him to a children hospital, but a storm stops them. They decided to celebrate Colton’s life a few months after his recovery, but Colton starts saying some strange things; convincing his family that he had a heavenly experience during surgery. He is even able to identify paintings of Jesus as real or legitimate.

More and more he began revealing facts of Jesus and God. He even said he met his sister which he never knew – before Colton was born his mother had a miscarriage. Also, he spoke about his grandfather who also died before he was born. ‘Heaven is for Real’ is the continued attempt of the family to share their son’s story. Check out the movie also here.

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Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story

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