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Title:       Hollywood Witch Hunter
Author:     Valerie Tejeda
Publication Date:   July 20, 2015
Language:    English
Genre: Novel
Published by: Bloomsbury Spark
PDF File: Yes
Movie:       No

Hollywood Witch Hunter Reviews:

“The Mortal Instruments meets ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ set in the cutthroat world of Hollywood – all featuring a kick-ass Hispanic leading lady. That’s enough to get my fingers over the ‘pre-order.’” – MTV.com.

“Valerie Tejeda’s Hollywood Witch Hunter shines as bright as the Hollywood sign, with heart-stopping intrigue and action and glamor, Tejeda weaves a witchy web worthy of Buffy comparisons, while building a new generation of fiercely compelling heroines and villains.” –Danielle Paige, New York Times bestselling author of Dorothy Must Die.

Brief Summary

A witch christens Belinda is on a quest for fame.

Even though armed with beauty and splendor her desires were vain.

She saw a way to achieve her dream.

The way was through Hollywood the path of dreams.

On a starry night, she lost that hope to another woman,

Belinda once tender and loved now turned cold and bitter.

Her rage leads her to do unspeakable things; she cast a spell on all of her kinds, requiring them to take from the blind (unaware women).

This spell is designed to taketh away the youth and beauty of the women today.

As her empire grew in Tinseltown,

more and more witches are summed to serve

But their powers were not limited as those in fairy tales,

They can control minds, time and even the weather,

But unaware of them the hunters started to gather.

One day it all changed as the witch hunters began,

to cast out the witches with their hands.

This war is a secret not many knew,

The war between witches, hunters carried, through.

But will this be enough to stop our dear Belinda

with her wits and her beauty is there a real contender?

The download is available via purchase from Amazon for Hollywood Witch Hunter. [PDF] version is not yet available for Kindle. Also, Audiobooks are available for free with an audible trial from Amazon.

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Hollywood Witch Hunter


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