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PDF Title: Invisible Man
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: H.G. Wells
Publication Date: 1897
Genre: Novel, Science Fiction, Horror fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes – The Invisible Man
Release Date: 28 February 2020

The popular science fiction horror The invisible Man (2020) is an adaptation of the 1897 classic book the Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, a man regarded as the father of science fiction. The adaptions stars include Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Adrian Griffin (The invisible man). The adaption received a 7.1/10 rating from IMDB, and critics praise Elisabeth’s performance in the director Leigh Whannell’s retelling of the classic story.

Invisible Man Summary

The town of Iping is in the clutches of a raging snowstorm when a strange man braves the storm and enters the village. The man wrapped from head to toe in clothing makes his way to the Coach and Horses Inn, where he takes residence for the night. The Inn’s owners are a married couple by the names Janny and George Hall. Janny notices that the new guest must be freezing after braving the snowstorm lights a fire to warm him. Janny also takes notice that wrap bandages conceal the new guest’s face. At that moment, the mysterious man breaks his silence and impatiently inquires about the delivery of his luggage from the train station. The mysterious man’s name is Griffin. Griffin shows himself to be a somewhat mad, if not strange scientist, and also a very private man.


When Griffin’s luggage is later delivered, it’s contents were various containers of strange liquids and written out notebooks, to mention a few. Griffin spends the majority of his time in his room, only venturing out of the Inn alone at night. Griffin doesn’t interact with many of the villagers or take part in any community activities such as church. As a result, many villagers invent and spread rumors about him.

Many strange robberies have become rampant throughout the town. One night when a local reverent’s home is in the process of being robbed, the reverent and his wife awake and try to subdue the thief but see no one. Later in the novel, Janny confronts Griffin again about his rent being days overdue this time, Griffin offers the money immediately, which raises Janny’s suspicion. Griffin doesn’t work, and most days, only the sounds of breaking bottles would be coming from his room. When Janny questioned him about the noises, he only responds, don’t disturb him.

Eventually, the villagers become frustrated with Griffin’s peculiar ways and confront him about the bandages wrapped around his face. Griffin, cornered, reveals his invisible face to the villagers which, fills them with terror. Mr. Jaffers immediately attempts to arrest Griffin for the recent string of robberies in the town, but Griffin narrowly escapes.
Left with no options, Griffin enlists the help of a local tramp by the name of Thomas Marvel as his helper. Griffin instructs Thomas to collect some of his belongings from the Inn. Thomas completes his task escaping capture in the process. Griffin and his new helper, later in the novel travel, to a town called Port Burdock. After a skirmish in a bar, a bullet hits Griffin leaving him wounded. Griffin then seeks refuge at the home of one of his old colleges Doctor Kemp who lives in the town. Griffin, while invisible, manages to persuade Kemp of who he is and, the doctor puts him up for the night.

The following day Griffin reveals to Kemp how he came to be the invisible man. Years ago, while conducting his research into light and optics, he stumbled upon the knowledge of how to make living tissue invisible. Griffin first experimented on fragments of clothing, and then gradually began to experiment on himself. Griffin goes on to seek Kemp’s assistance in bringing about the Epoch of the Invisible Man, which involves instilling fear in townsfolk from a spree of homicides. However, Kemp informs the local authorities about Griffin’s evil plans which, turns him into a fugitive.

Griffin later seeks to get revenge on Kemp for his betrayal, and he sneaks into Kemp’s house one night. Griffin steals the gun of a visiting Colonel and shoots the officer with it. With the officer out of the way, Griffin chases after Kemp as he flees into town. Kemp had spread word to townsfolk about Griffin’s plans which, sparked a hunt in search of Griffin. A group of enraged townsfolk suddenly attack Griffin beating him to death while ignoring the pleas to stop by the doctor.


“All men, however highly educated, retain some superstitious inklings.”
― H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man

“Everyone seemed eager to talk at once, and the result was Babel.”
― H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man

“I felt amazingly confident,—it’s not particularly pleasant recalling that I was an ass.”
― H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man

“Great and strange ideas transcending experience often have less effect upon men and women than smaller, more tangible considerations.”
― H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man by H G Wells

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