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PDF Title: Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Mark Millar
Publication Date: 2013
Genre: Comic book, Graphic novel
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Audiobook: Yes
Artist:Wilfredo Torres
Adaptation: Netflix – Jupiter’s Legacy
Series Release Date: 7 May 2021

On May 7th, 2021, the series Jupiter’s Legacy premiered with its first season on Netflix. Jupiter’s Legacy is an adaptation of the comic book series which shares its name written by Mark Millar. Just like the comic book series, it takes place in a world that centers around superheroes. However, Jupiter’s Legacy does not follow the typical storylines of the superhero films and series we have come to know and love. The show showcases a superhero universe through a lens that focuses on themes of family and, as its name would imply, Legacy. The Utopian and his allies have now grown old and formed families of their own. Their children have inherited the gift of superhuman abilities, as well. The time has come to pass the baton of justice from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, this transition of power doesn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. The show opens the door for discussing many real-life issues, such as differences in generational values. Audiences have reacted to this approach with mixed reviews. However, if you have been searching for a different take on the superhero storyline, this show could be a hit for you.

Jupiter’s Legacy Plot

Jupiter’s Legacy, written by Mark Millar, is an American comic book series published in 2013 by Image Comics. There are three volumes under the Jupiter Legacy and even a spin-off series called Jupiter’s circle. The season recently released on Netflix focuses on volume 1, so this summary will be on that volume.


The comic begins in America 1929 and follows the life of a young Sheldon Sampson, who is now bankrupt due to the crash in the stock market. The moves ahead to 1932 when Sheldon dreams of a strange island in his sleep. This vision of an island compels him to charter a boat to its location over 800kms west of Cape Verde. Sheldon’s devout patriotism to American fuels him to believe that the island holds provisions that would save the country. Sheldon takes his brother Walter, his fiancée, Grace, and three of his old collegemates on his voyage to the island. After the group’s arrival, a mysterious force bestows them with superhuman gifts. The group then forms a team called the Union of Justice(Reminiscent of the Justice league if you read DC comics). Sheldon becomes the team’s leader as the hero known as The Utopian. He sports a red and white hero uniform decorated by a gold eagle on the chest. In this universe, The Utopian is also the most powerful hero(to give an idea of his strength, think of him as an equivalent to superman) who establishes a code of conduct for the Union that no member could break based upon his deeply held ideals.

The story then skips nearly a century in the future, to the year 2013. Sheldon and his wife Grace are still active as superheroes but, they have started a family together. The couple’s children, Brandon and Chloe, were also born with superman gifts and work as superheroes just like their parents. However, what it means to be called a superhero has long changed since the 1930s. Heroes of this generation have thrown away the use of secret identities and lead lives akin to those of Hollywood celebrities. Sheldon desperately tries to pass on his ideals of being a superhero to his children but, they remain uninterested. Sheldon truly sees his children as nothing more than superficial celebrities and questions his worth as a father.

But the challenges The Utopian face are not solely in his home life. At this time, America is struggling to overcome the great recession. Sheldon’s brother Walter Sampson also known by his superhero name Brainwave wants to play an active role in helping the country solve this dilemma. Brainwave wears a red and blue uniform with a red three-sided chest emblem. On the island, he received the ability to fly and psychic powers, so great that he could separate someone’s mind from their body. Walter’s desire to intervene in political affairs sparks a clash with Sheldon. Sheldon almost dogmatically believes that superheroes should never go against the will of a country’s leaders. As if to showcase the vast difference in morality between the first and second generation of heroes, while Walter and Sheldon debate moral integrity, Chloe has passed out from a drug overdose.


“He is the bad guy. We’re supposed to get the bad guy.”
― Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy

“I tried my best to fight oppression, but America’s at her happiest ruled by liars.”
― Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy

“You have been attacking me for so long, I don’t know how to do anything but fight you.”
― Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy

“You can’t really care about someone you are so jealous of, it turns you inside out.”
― Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy

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Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar

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