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PDF Title: More Happy Than Not
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Adam Silvera
Publication Date: 2015
Genre: Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: No

More Happy Than Not Quotes:

“The boy with no direction taught me something unforgettable: happiness comes again if you let it.”
― Adam Silvera, More Happy Than Not

“You didn’t have to take my side.’
I kind of, sort of, definitely always will.”
― Adam Silvera, More Happy Than Not


“You don’t get to keep ignoring the past because you don’t like it.”
― Adam Silvera, More Happy Than Not

“This is still an ugly world.”
― Adam Silvera, More Happy Than Not

More Happy Than Not Plot

More happy than not is an awesome debut novel by Adam Silvera. It portrays the need for love in every family, creating time for one another, and commitment to the family’s overall well-being. It confronts sexuality, self-discovery, and traumatic experiences, and coming to terms with one’s self.

The major character of the story is a sixteen-year-old Aaron Soto, a lover of art and comic books, a lover of friends, and someone with a sense of humor. Although Aaron lives together in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother and brother, his life is filled with loneliness. His poor mother who worked between two jobs, one at a supermarket and the other at a hospital hardly have enough time for him.

The novel begins with the void left by Aaron’s troubled father who takes his own life in the family’s bathtub. This act burdens Aaron with an extreme and, of course, unwarranted sense of guilt. It didn’t just hurt him; it shattered him completely that he sought comfort with his girlfriend and only companion, Genevieve.

As time goes on, he starts to get by, and in no time, life begins to smile at him with the support of Genevieve. They spend their time together discussing the future, their fears, and their aspirations. Aaron has a seemingly beautiful relationship with Genevieve, and together they visit the local comic shops and tour the world.

Along the line, a new guy named Thomas shows up in the neighborhood, and not long after, he became friends with Aaron. They discover they have similar interests in many things, such as old films, comic characters, and video games. Aaron finds a best friend in Thomas, and at a point, he fears he is getting too fond of Thomas.

When Genevieve leaves the town for some weeks, Aaron spends his time hanging out with the new guy. In the process, Aaron realizes he has a romantic feeling for Thomas and starts getting scared he is gay. Since Aaron cannot stay away from Thomas or turn off his feelings for him, he decides to fight against the unwelcome feeling for Thomas.

In a bid to do this, Aaron discovers Leteo institute, a medical institute that enables patients to forget their memories and experiences. In fact, this is exactly what Aaron has been hoping for all his life: an opportunity to forget his loneliness, neglect from his family, and the death of his father. He was keen to belong, be free from his past experiences, straighten himself out, and live a normal life.

And now, the question is, why does happiness have to be so hard? In this book, Adam Silvera explores the inner workings of a cruel world, and he does this with earnest honesty and a confident hand. He does everything to make his debut project a success.

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More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

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