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PDF Title: Our Souls At Night
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Kent Haruf
Publication Date: May 26, 2015
Genre: Mystery Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 29 September 2017




A lonely 70-year-old widow has trouble sleeping at night. She reaches out to one of her neighbors, who is also a widower around her age, for assistance. The two form a less than traditional, but also non-sexual arrangement that works to both their advantage. Our souls at night offer the reader a peek, into the lives of those approaching their finals years. Along with this, it also highlights the message that you are never to old to form a truly meaningful connection with another.

Our Souls At Night Book PDF Plot

A 70-year-old widow, by the name of Addie Moore, calls to her neighbor Louis Waters. Louis happens to be a widower, who has also lost his wife, to a battle with terminal cancer. Addie was well acquainted with Louis’s late wife but she was no more than acquaintances with Louis. Loneliness has made it difficult for Addie to sleep at night and caused her to make a proposition to Louis. She asks if he will be willing to sleep over during the night. Not in relation to anything sexual of course, but Addie states that; she misses having someone to lay in the dark and talk too among a list of other things. Addie questioned to herself if her demands were too much for Louis as she waited for him to respond. Fortunately for Addie, Louis agrees to her request. One night a couple days after her request, Louis makes his way to Addie’s home, his pajamas in a paper bag.

The two spend the night together. Addie manages to fall asleep, after conversing with Louis. The arrangement between Louis and herself, soon become an excellent gossiping topic, in the small town of Holt where they live. Even so, this did not deter them from visiting each other. The two actually drew very close over time. The stories they told each other explored the hardships, and also the mistakes they have made in their lives. To illustrate, they even spoke to each other in detail, on the loss of their respective spouses. Louis spoke on the extramarital affair which occurred between him and another married woman. He divulged on the fact that he even moved in with this mistress. This relationship did not last, however after his mistress’ marriage was ruined, he returned to his family. Addie shared her painful memories, of the early death of her daughter Connie. Connie was playing with her brother in the yard when she got hit by a car while running for the ball. A few hours later the young girl died in the hospital. This damaged the relationship between Addie and her husband. To everyone else including Louis, they looked like a happy couple. However, her marriage was a cold and lonely one behind closed doors.

Connie’s death also devastated her son Gene, the young boy who was playing with her in the yard. It was out the blue that Gene randomly arrived at Addie’s home to drop off his son, Jamie. His wife had left him and desired for his mother to look after him. Addie agrees, but she is not prepared for how heartbroken the young boy is. He actually cries every night, until Addie invited him to sleep next to her in her bed, where she tried to console her grandson. Later on, Louis meets with Jamie, and acts as interim grandfather. He bonds with him and even gets Jamie a dog which he loves and later named Bonnie. The three go on to share an amazing summer – they visit restaurants, attend softball games and even go camping.

This happy time period was unfortunately cut short, during a weekend visit from Gene. Gene upon learning about the relationship between his mother and Louis, essentially calls it disgusting, which deeply upsets Louis. Louis storms out of Addie’s home and Gene takes Jamie back home with him since his wife has returned. Addie tries to call and speak with Jamie after his return home but Gene would not allow it, due to her relationship with Louis. Louis and Addie soon stop seeing each other. Later that year Addie moves into a retirement home near Gene and Jamie. While there Addie uses her cell phone to restart her conversations with Louis.

“It was surprising to him, how quickly she could fall asleep.”
― Kent Haruf, Our Souls at Night

“You have been good for me. What more could anyone ask for? I’m a better person than I was before we got together. That’s your doing.”
― Kent Haruf, Our Souls at Night

“Oh I feel better already talking with you here next to me.”
― Kent Haruf, Our Souls at Night

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