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the empire of a thousand planets [PDF]
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Title: Valerian and Laureline
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
Author: Pierre Christin
Publication Date: 1967
Genre: Science Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
Language: French/English
Movie Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 21 July 2017
Name: Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets

Even though to us Earth may seem huge, it is nothing not even a distinguishable speck when compared to our solar system. Not to mention when compared to the universe. Valerian and Laureline are exploring Syrte-the-Magnificent. The capital planet of a 1000 world system. They are on a recon mission to determine if the Syrians are a danger to Earth. But they found the opposite, a civilization in need of help, ripe for revolution lead by corrupt aristocrats. Then there are the masked men who secretly pulled the string from in the shadows. Our agents now have to make a choice.

Created by Jean-Claude Mezieres and Pierre Christin Valerian, The Empire of a Thousand Planets in 1967. They both worked in the USA as a cowboy and a teacher. Valerian is Mezieres only comic series, though he was an illustrator including designs and sets for the well know, The Fifth Element. Mezieres was also awarded the Grand Prix du Festival d’Angouleme in 1984. Pierre Christin previously worked with other novelist and on film scripts.

Download is available from Amazon for Valérian and Laureline. [PDF], Epub and Audiobooks versions of this creation are available from Amazon.

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