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PDF Title: The Mountain Between US
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Charles Martin
Publication Date: June 1, 2010
Genre: Romance
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: 6 October 2017




A middle-aged doctor eagerly awaits his chance to return home to his wife after a business trip. His plans, however, becomes swiftly halted. As all commercial flights from the airport have been canceled, due to impending bad weather. He encounters a young lady, whom he discovers is trying to make it back home to attend her wedding. Despite the weather the two agree to board a private plane with an experienced pilot. Confident in his abilities, the pilot assures the two that he is quite capable of beating the storm and making it to their destination. This tale takes the reader through the gripping events which occur. After, the supposed uneventful plane trip takes a tragic turn for the worst.

The Mountain Between US Book PDF Plot

After attending a medical convention in Colorado Springs, Ben Payne awaits his flight home at the local airport. Ben an orthopedic surgeon, has been married 14 years to his beloved wife Rachel. He comes to understand all commercial flights from the airport, have been canceled due to an approaching snow storm. During his time at the airport, he meets Ashley Knox who works as a young writer in the state of Atlanta. Ben and Ashley while passing time at the airport, converse with each other. Ben learns that Ashley is awaiting a flight home to attend her upcoming wedding.

Ben later encounters Grover, a confident and experienced pilot who agrees to carry him home before the storm arrives. Ben remembers the emotionally stirring conversation he had with Ashley earlier. Her desire to return home to her wedding sparked memories of his own wedding with Rachel. Ben not wanting her to be late, invites her to take the trip with him with Grover. Ashley agrees and Grover assures the two, that he is confident that he can outrun the storm.

During the private flight the three, converse about marriage. Grover informs the others that he has been in fact been married for decades. While Ben shares that his 15th wedding anniversary is fast approaching. The two men begin to share with their experiences of being married and also the loving thoughts about their wives.

Grover informs the group that they are currently flying over a vast wilderness in Utah. Shortly after, the older pilot begins coughing. Ben’s experienced ears pick up the ominous nature of the cough. Grover then confesses to having a heart condition. Ben informs Grover that he needs to see a doctor as soon as he returns home. Grover begins to share his memories of flying with his wife when he unknowingly utters his last words. His heart gives out and the plane begins to plummet. Although the plane makes many deadly turns and somersaults while in the air, they miraculously somehow land.

The plane is critically damaged and the only remaining living passengers are Ben, Ashley and Grover’s dog. Ben is suffering from broken ribs and Ashley a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg. Ben quickly realizes that he must tend to Ashley as best he can or she will succumb to the pain of her injuries. He also realizes that fortunately due to how the plane has crashed, they can use it as a shelter. This is because the plane is for the most part covered in snow and inside the wreckage actually offers some degree of warmth.

The seriousness of the situation becomes clear. Their chances of being rescued are slim to none, as the emergency transmitter is broken. Not to mention no one is aware of the trip they made with Grover. There is little food available and insufficient medical supplies for their injuries. Ben manages to survey the area from the summit of a mountain. He is unable to spot any signs of civilization or humanity for miles. He also notices the tracks of a wild animal around their makeshift camp. It only seems inevitable they won’t make it out of this snowy death. Can the two survive, or will the inevitable become a reality?


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The Mountains Between US

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