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PDF Title: Rainbow Six
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Tom Clancy
Publication Date: August 1998
Genre: Thriller, Crime novel
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: No but Previos book (Without Remorse)
Series Release Date: June 2021


If you watched the ending scene of Without Remorse(2021) starring Michael B. Jordan as John Clark, you would have heard John say, “I’m calling it Rainbow.”. John’s mentioning Rainbow at that point was a clever way to foreshadow the film’s expected sequel, Rainbow Six. Rainbow Six continues within the Tom Clancy universe and will follow John Clark, played by Michael B. Jordan, assembling the infamous rainbow organization. The film Rainbow six is still in the early stages of development, so there is no official release date set at this time. The upcoming film will use the book Rainbow six(1998) by Tom Clancy as its source material.

Most people that know the name Rainbow Six are familiar with its title from the Ubisoft game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. It would be no surprise to learn that the hit thriller book that shares its name is the basis for the storyline. If you played the Rainbow Six, you are familiar with the action-filled gameplay that centers around any combination of the 50 operators you can select. In the book, there is no shortage of action but, it focuses mainly on two characters. These are John Clark and Domingo Chavez, leaders of teams 1 and 2 of Rainbow Six. If you are new to Rainbow six, the Rainbow organization is a counterterrorist unit comprised of elite soldiers from multiple NATO countries.



When you turn the first pages of the book, John, Domingo(a.k.a. Ding), and Alistair Stanley (Special Air Services operative) are onboard a plane to England. The three men successfully cooperate to thwart a band of novice terrorists from capturing the plane. After subduing the terrorists, the men land the plane at the closest airport and then take another plane to HQ Hereford, England. When they arrive at HQ, John and Ding meet their new colleagues in Rainbow. The duo quickly learns that they will be no longer taking on specialized missions together. Instead, they will work in the field as leaders of two respective teams of elite officers. Along with this, the men receive military ranks to illustrate the hierarchy within Rainbow. John now acts as Brigadier General, while Ding serves as a Major.

The first big mission assigned to Rainbow in the book is to end a bank robbery and hostage situation at a bank in Bern, Switzerland. Rainbow’s intelligence discovers that Ernst Model is the leader of the terrorist act. A psychiatrist diagnosed Herr Model as a sociopath who was quick to use violence when corned or frustrated. He

proves this diagnosis to be true when he kills one of the hostages as a show of force. When Ding’s team(team 2) arrives at the bank, they quickly eliminate all hostiles at the site with no hostage casualties.

Rainbow is soon assigned to end a thirty-five children hostage at a theme park in Spain called World Park. The terrorists behind the attack demand the freedom of Carlos The Jackal and other criminals as a ransom. To appropriately address, the threat Rainbow dispatches both teams. Unfortunately, the terrorists execute a Dutch girl in the early stages of the mission. The Rainbow teams quickly mobilize and eliminate all terrorists on the site without losing another child. After Rainbow’s third mission within a short time, suspicions rise at the unusual frequency of attacks. Adding to the suspicious nature of the events were terrorists involved. Mainly older or retired terrorists were making an appearance.

Unknown to Rainbow, Horizon Corporation, a wealthy biotechnology company, and its C.E.O John Brightling was the puppet master behind the events. Horizon Corp. scientists have engineered a modified composition of the Ebola virus and named it Shiva. The scientists are also devilishly cunning in their plans. The company produced two vaccines to counteract the Shiva virus. Vaccine(A) is a fake vaccine that only makes the virus more potent and vaccine(B) the cure. However, the public will only have access to the vaccine(A). What does a biotechnology company know about terrorism? Horizon Corp. enlisted Dimitriy Popov, an ex-KGB officer, for this reason. Horizon Corp. plans to release Shiva at the upcoming Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. To help make this possible, Horizon Corp. used Dimitriy to organize terrorism attacks to enforce fear. Horizon Corp. would use the increased paranoia to leverage themselves into obtaining the security contract for the Olympics.

Once inside the facility, they will release the Shiva virus in the air conditioning system. Thus with athletes and visitors from almost every country in attendance, it would only be a matter of time before the globe is infected. Thankfully, Horizon Corp. has vaccines.


“cool as the smoke off dry ice.”
― Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.”
― Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six

“What do I know about sex? I’m a married man.”
― Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six

“The good old days are now.”
― Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy

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