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PDF Title: Redeeming Love
Book File Type: Redeeming Love PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Francine Rivers
Publication Date: 1991
Genre: Romance novel, Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Series Release Date: 2020

Redeeming Love Quotes:

“I’m only a tool, beloved. Not your Savior”
― Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love

“I want someone wonderful. I want a man to love me the way Michael loves you. I want a man willing to fight for me. I want a man who won’t let me walk away from him.”
― Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love


“She was so tightly wrapped in herself, her own misery and dark thoughts, that she was blind to everything else. Especially him.”
― Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love

“Michael straightened. “I still married her, and I’d marry her again if I had it to do over.” A simple statement, calmly and quietly delivered, but his eyes were burning with wrath.”
― Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love Intro

Redeeming Love(1991) by Francine Rivers is a historical romance novel that has captured the hearts of contemporary Christian audiences for years. Mrs. Rivers wrote the book as a beautiful retelling of the old testament book of Hosea. She emphasized within the storyline how amazing God’s redeeming Love truly is and how blessed we are as sinners recognize that Love. In 2020 an announcement that the regarded novel would receive an adaptation into a movie format was made. The filming for the movie started in 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa, with D. J. Caruso as the film’s director. Like the novel, the movie will retell the book of Hosea set in the time and environment of the 1850s Gold Rush in California. The Gold Rush was a period in human history that discovered gold as a precious metal. In this era, miners would dig mines feverously to get their hands on even a nugget as it was a way to rich quickly.

The film stars Abigail Cowen as Angel and Logan Marshall-Green as Paul, to mention some of the talented cast. The film’s scheduled release year is 2021, but as were are still amidst the Covid pandemic, that may be subject to change.

Redeeming Love Plot

It is the year 1835 in the New England region of America. An innocent six-year-old girl named Sarah is having her first meeting with her father, Alex Stafford. Sarah learns that she is a bastard child born from a secret affair between Mr.Stafford and her mother, Mae. To add context to this meeting. Alex tried to compel Mae to abort the child while she was pregnant but, Mae adamantly rejected the idea. Mae’s decision lead to the end of her relationship with Alex, which left her devastated. After the meeting, Sarah begins to blame herself for her parent’s relationship falling apart. Mae would meet with Alex again later in the year but, this time without Sarah. Mae’s maid named Cleo reluctantly took Sarah into an infamous brothel so Alex and Mae could have their rendezvous. Cleo’s main reason for going to the brothel is to meet her favorite male escort, even though she is popular among the brothel patrons. A drunken Cleo abandons Sarah in one of the brothels freezing hallways to enter a room to enjoy intimacy with her escort. Cleo, drowning in melancholy, returns to Sarah after facing rejection from her, escort once more. In a half-drunken slur, Cleo shares with Sarah what she calls God’s truth. Cleo states a common belief that men only desire sex and that no man will ever truly love a woman. Young Sarah’s heart became filled with fear after hearing Cleo’s remarks. However, she was unaware that those words would foreshadow the journey her life would soon take.

Unfortunately, Mae soon falls into poverty and moves with Sarah to New York, where she works as a prostitute to survive. Mae becomes infamous among the locals, and Sarah became a social outcast due to that infamy. Sarah learns how to hide all her emotions under an emotionless face to manage. Tragically, Mae comes to pass away due to an illness. Sara is now under the custody of a drunk named Rab. Rab has no idea what to do with Sarah but soon meets a man who states that his wealthy master is looking for a young girl to be his new daughter. Rab takes the man up on his offer and takes Sarah to the mansion of the wealthy man. Once there, a woman tries to urge Rab to take Sarah away before it is too late. Rab is undeterred by the warning and carries Sarah to Duke’s bedroom upstairs. Soon after meeting Rab and seeing Sarah, the Duke strangles Rab in front of Sarah and has his body tossed into an alley. Duke was not seeking a daughter. Duke is a pedophile that was only seeking new meat. That night he gives Sarah her first lesson and renames her Angel.

After a decade of abuse, Angel escapes Duke and travels to California aboard a ship. While aboard, the dominantly male crew takes turns rapping Angel until she arrives in San Francisco. In San Francisco, a Duchess hires Angel to work in her brothel in Pair-a-Dice. Angel then becomes an exotic attraction in the area. Michael Hosea, a local farmer, later pays to meet with Angel declaring that he heard the voice of God telling him to marry her.

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Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

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