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Author: Emma Donoghue
Published: August 6, 2010
Genre: Novel
Language: English
File Type: PDF
Adaptation: Yes
Release Dates: 25 September 2015

IMDB Room Movie cast

Brie Larson
Jacob Tremblay Jacob Tremblay
Sean Bridgers Sean Bridgers
Old Nick
Wendy Crewson Wendy Crewson
Talk Show Hostess
Sandy McMaster
Matt Gordan Matt Gordon
Amanda Brugel Amanda Brugel
Officer Parker


Short Summary

We all know it’s a wide world out there. Even though due to innovations in technology, we jokingly suggest how small it is becoming. Though we do joke about the world’s shrinking size, we live our lives with the full understanding of how large the world actually is. We as humans go through our lives taking on the challenges and joys of life day by day. In the words of Eve, from the television series House, “It’s what life is. It’s a series of rooms and who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are.” But what if your entire life was made up of one room?

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The story begins with a young five-year-old boy, Jack, who is alone in a room with his mother. As the story develops we become more aware of the way in which Jack and his mother spend their days. There are some signs are of normalcy: they have meals, Jack’s mother plays with him and they watch television. These signs of normalcy are almost ripped to pieces, as the reader becomes aware that his room has in fact been their prison. Young Jack, in fact, knows nothing outside the walls and confines of that room. This becomes evident as the reader comes to understand, that Jack believes the images that his mother and himself view on television are fake. Jack has spent his entire life in the room that it’s the only thing that he believes to be real.

The room has the basic necessities for survival and mirrors the image of a one room apartment. Despite their living situation, it becomes evident how much Jack’s mother truly loves him as she still tries to provide Jack with a decent childhood. She cares for him and also seeks to provide him with an education. However, at night the true nightmare of their reality becomes creepily apparent. Their room is watched over by its warden old Nick, who visits Jack’s mother at night. During these visits, Jack is made to sleep in the wardrobe as his mother doesn’t want Nick to know about her son. This cruel and dark daily routine has become the normal events of Jack and his mother’s lives.

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This routine, however, approaches its end when Jack’s mother decides to reveal the truth of their lives to him. The reader learns that the mother has in fact been under the watch of warden old Nick before Jack was born. Due to multiple factors, Jack’s mother decides that it’s time for her son to see the real world and devises a plan for him to escape.

Room is a touching yet truly gripping story of a mother’s love for her child and cruel realities which present themselves to female kidnapped sex slaves. This story reveals the outcome of the mothers’ attempt to free her and Jack from the bounds of the room. Also, it makes the reader examine their own perception of the world. We experience this journey with Jack as he is faced with the continual discovery of what is an illusion and what is a reality.

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