Serena Ron Rash

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Author: Ron Rash

PublishedOctober 8, 2008
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
File Type PDF: Yes ISBN: 0385738781 
Movie: Yes
Movie Release Date24 October 2014

Top Cast List

jennifer lawrence Jennifer Lawrence
Serena Pemberton
bradley cooper Bradley Cooper
George Pemberton
ryan Rhys Ifans
sean harris Sean Harris
sam reid Sam Reid

Written by Ron Rash in late 2008, Serena is set in Northern Carolina.

The book is about a newly wedded couple, Serena, and George and their tree business. Serena soon finds out that George had a child with Rachael Harmon after moving to Carolina. Rachael’s father confronts George concerning this child in the hope to gain some financial support; Serena decides that they will not assist, and Abe attacks George with a knife. George through was able to retaliate and killed Abe.

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Serena soon showed she was no ordinary wife. She demonstrated her skill in the management of their timber empire. She even saved her Husband’s life in the wilderness. Together Serena and her Husband cleared all obstacles in their path to success.

Meanwhile, Rachael struggles to raise her son but, Serena soon finds out that she cannot bear children and sets out to murder Jacob (Rachael’s son). She then suspects that George, despite her decision is trying to protect the child. What will Serena do now she feels her husband has betrayed her? What action will this brilliant but emotional wife take?

The film is set to release in October in the UK though some sources might say September this date is directly from IMDb. The link below is to Serena from Amazon, due to copyright issues I cannot offer the PDF download to Serena for free. But the ePub is under 11 dollars, so it should not hurt our pockets.

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Serena earned £95,000 on its debut weekend in the UK where it was first released. In the second week, the film grossed £11,645. The film concluded with a total of £200,557.

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