Alice Through the Looking Glass PDF

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Author: Lewis Carroll Published: 1871 Genre: Children’s literature Language: English Book File Type: PDF Adaptation: Yes Movie Release Dates: 27th May 2016 IMDB Through the Looking-Glass movie cast Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Anne Hathaway White Queen Helena Bonham Carter Red Queen Alan Rickman Blue Caterpillar (voice) Sacha Baron Cohen Time…

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Eragon by Christopher Paolini PDF

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Title:     Eragon Author:     Christopher Paolini Published: November 2001 Genre: Young-Adult Fiction Language:    English Book File Type: PDF Adaptation:       Yes Movie Release Dates:  2006 Name: Eragon From IMDB Partial Eragon cast list Ed Speleers Eragon Jeremy Irons Brom Sienna Guillory Arya Robert Carlyle Durza John Malkovich…

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