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Title:       The Hundred
Author:         Kass Morgan
Published:    September 3, 2013
Language:    English
ISBN: 978-0-316-23447-4
PDF File: Yes
TV Series:            Yes
Start Date: 19 Mar. 2014
Name: The 100
eliza taylorEliza Taylor
 Clarke Griffin
paige turcoPaige Turco
 Dr. Abigail Griffin
thomasThomas McDonell
 Finn Collins
bob morleyBob Morley
 Bellamy Blake
marie avgeropoulosMarie Avgeropoulos
 Octavia Blake
devon bostickDevon Bostick
 Jasper Jordan
christopher larkinChristopher Larkin
 Monty Green
isaiah washingtonIsaiah Washington
 Chancellor Thelonious Jaha

Brief Plot

In the future humans lived in city-like spaceships orbiting the Earth because of its toxic atmosphere, resulting from a nuclear apocalypse. Where, of course, no resources can be renewed or made. And no one knows if they will be able to inhabit their beloved, long-abandoned home again. But due to a lack of resources and growth in population aboard the ships, the leaders know they must try to reclaim the earth before it is too late.

A young 3rd generation of one hundred juvenile prisoners were sent on an all or nothing mission to the Earth to test its habitability. The teens had a shaky start with a crash landing but arrived on the apparently beautiful planet which they have only even seen from space. They must band together to face this new world together, but they are not exactly a well-oiled machine and must learn to trust and even love again to survive.

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The 100 is also an ongoing Television show, and you can check out the trailer below for a sneak peak. Trust me it is a great series!

You can download The 100 series from Amazon from below.

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The 100 (The 100 Series)


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