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Title: The Blood Of Olympus
Published:     October 7, 2014
Language:      English
Genre:         Fantasy
File Type: PDF
ISBN:          978-1-4231-4673-5
Movie:         No

This 502-page novel is the fifth and final book five of the Heroes Of Olympus series. The Blood of Olympus is the #1 USA Today bestseller, Amazon best seller for 2014 and the #1 New York Times bestseller.

The seven demigods of prophecy, Annabeth, Percy, Jason, Leo, Piper, Hazel, and Frank, are united once again in their final Adventure to stop Gaea. Even after many successes from the Greeks and Roman crew of Argo II, they still haven’t closed to gap to defeat Gaea, the earth mother. She has a revitalized fleet of giants. But they must be destroyed before the Feast of Spes, the sacrifice of two demigods in Athens. She needs their blood – the blood of Olympus to wake.

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This latest addition to the Heroes of Olympus series is told from the perspective of some of the demigods, but also Nico and Reyna. Putting the focal point for the first time, on someone other than the seven demigods.

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