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the chemist stephenie meyer pdf

Author: Stephenie Meyers
Language: English
Published: November 8, 2016
Genre: Fiction
PDF File: Yes
Movie: No

Teaser Summary

She works for a secret U.S. government organization so covert it doesn’t even have a name. And Friends or family of its employees don’t even know where they work. Our protagonist the Chemist, one of the company’s darkest secrets and an expert in her field, becomes a liability.

She finds herself on the run. Not able to stay in one place or use the same identity for too long. There is no one she still trusts because they killed them all. And she is next – she still knows too much.

There is only one way for her to clear her name but unfortunately, this requires the Chemist to do one more job for her ex-employer. The plan backfires and the new information acquired puts her in even more danger.

Left with literally no choice she has to face her problems and stop running. But complications once again arise, limited her already limited choices. We get to see our protagonist apply her unique skills to aid in her survival.

What are these special skills? What does she know that’s worth her life? And why does she sound like a female James Bond? Lastly, what does this quote mean from the book:

“I am the bogeyman in a very dark and scary world,” she says. “I frighten people who aren’t afraid of anything else, not even death …”

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Of course, this poses a new line of questioning. Is the Chemist really a bad person? Is or was she being forced to carry out these duties? Or was it necessary for her to make these seemingly brutal decisions? Is this even her speaking?

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