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PDF Title: The Lost City of Z
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: David Grann
Publication Date: February 24, 2009
Genre: Non-Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Dates: April 14, 2017



It’s a fairly common when someone says to follow your dreams or to go out there and live your dreams. Another common statement would be, choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life. These sayings, arguably do hold true, to a fair degree. But can the same be said, for when that love becomes a deep obsession?


Short Plot

The Lost City of Z (TLCOZ) depicts the life of an explorer by the name of Percy Harrison Fawcett. While exploring the Amazon rainforest, Fawcett uncovered the remains of ancient ruins. From the existence of these ruins, Fawcett persuaded himself into believing in the former existence of an Ancient city. This envisioned city, he gave the name ‘Z’, similar to that of an eager parent naming their unborn child. This vision, however, not only became a source of great passion but also his life’s greatest obsession.

Percy once served as a former military lieutenant, in the British army during 1886. He is married to Nina Fawcett, whom he met during his time stationed away from England. During the long period of his life he spent as an explorer, Percy lead many expeditions into the Amazon rainforest. This was at the time uncharted territory as is documented on European maps. Percy became famous for his “invincibility” while he led expeditions into the Amazon. He never fell victim to unfortunate shortcomings such as sickness. Though the same couldn’t be said for his entourage. One of his expedition members became ill and almost went insane. It was never made clear if Percy was truly “invincible” or just very fortunate.

Fueled by his belief that Amazon’s current living situation doesn’t negate the possibility of their civilization once residing in a glorious city. Percy continued to explore the rainforest. His years of research truly provided the world with a greater understanding of the Amazon. Throughout the years Percy’s determination to find his envisioned ‘Z’ never wavered. Not even in old age, when Percy formed a three-man team of Jack, his son’s friend Raleigh and himself. This was during the year of 1925 and the three mysteriously disappeared and were never found.

This brings the reader to the current research of a journalist by the name of David Grann. Grann has his interest in the Amazon and is trying to follow the breadcrumbs left by Fawcett. He’s eager to unravel the mystery behind Mr. Fawcett’s disappearance and while enriching his own research into the Amazon. To begin this process, Grann decides to travels to Mr. Fawcett’s birth-place, in England. There he begins gathering as much information as he can, using as many of the letters and work of Fawcett as he can find. In Grann’s favor Fawcett’s late wife, leaves all of her husband’s work, to their son Brian. David now armed with enough valuable information proceeds to undergo an expedition of his own into the Amazon. The possible truth behind the disappearance of Fawcett’s team and also the location of ‘Z’ awaits David, as he carries undergoes his quest.

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The Lost City of Z

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