The Martian

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Author:      Andy Weir
Publication Date:   2011
Language:    English
Genre: Science fiction
PDF File: Yes
Movie:       Yes
Movie Release Date:  25 November 2015

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A botanist and mechanical engineer, Mark Watney is stuck on Mars. Mark was presumed dead by his five crewmates aboard the NASA shuttle, Ares 3. They are forced to abandon the landing zone after a dust storm in Acidalia Planitia. With very little resources, a damaged EVA suit and no way of contacting his crewmates or Earth, Mark is left with only his intellect, knowledge and will to survive.

‘The Martian’ finds a way to get a signal to Earth. Aware of his limited supplies, they arrange a means to get him, and his crew restocked. Meanwhile, Mark attempts to grow his food. He predicted it could take another four years before the Ares 4 could rescue him. He begins to modify one of the Ares 3 rovers to prepare for the journey to Schiaparelli crater where the Ares will land when it arrives. During this process ‘the Martian’ accidentally shorts out the equipment which allowed him to contact Earth. To escalate matters, NASA discovered that another dust storm is heading his way but cannot communicate a warning to him.


An unorthodox rescue mission with a tried crew to rescue one, intelligent but unlucky human is underway. Will they succeed? Or will the unpredictability of a new plant seize their hopes? Or worse!

Check out The Martian movie trailer below. Those of us who have read the book, are you please to see such a quick book to film adaptation? I sure am and would like to see much more.

Download link to The Martian [PDF] from written by Andy Weir.

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