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Dylan Dylan O’Brien
 kaya-scodelario1 Kaya Scodelario
Will Poulter
Thomas Brodie-S
Patricia Clarkson
Ava Paige

The Maze Runner basic plot. When Thomas (Styles S) is awakened, he is trapped in a concrete-like structure which resembles a maze. He gets stuck in the maze with a group of male individuals (at first).

To add to the problem, Thomas has absolutely no recollection of the outside world. Only by painstakingly gathering information from his fragmented memory of the past, and pairing that with revelations gained from ‘running’ the maze. And relating to the clues found within it, can he hope to discover why he was placed in the maze and also how to find a means of escape with his allies. He then becomes as the title of the eBook suggests, The Maze Runner.

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Just an update on the movie for all those who love teen wolf, Dylan O’Brien is the star in the film – Oh yeah!

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The Maze Runner (Book 1)

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