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PDF Title: The Monkey’s Paw
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: W.W. Jacobs
Publication Date: Sep 01, 1902
Genre: Short Story, Horror, Supernatural Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English

The Monkey's Paw is a classic horror short story by W.W. Jacobs, first published in 1902. The story centers around the White family, who come into possession of a mummified monkey's paw that has the power to grant three wishes. Despite being warned of the paw's dangerous consequences, the family is tempted to use it to improve their lives.

As each wish is made, the family quickly discovers that the paw's magic comes at a terrible price, with unforeseen and tragic consequences. The story explores themes of fate, greed, and the unintended consequences of tampering with destiny.

The Monkey's Paw is known for its chilling atmosphere, suspenseful pacing, and clever use of foreshadowing. The story has been widely read, adapted, and referenced in various forms of popular culture, and it remains a popular and enduring work of supernatural fiction.


"It had a spell put on it by an old fakir... a very holy man. He wanted to show that fate ruled people's lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow."

"Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it."

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