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PDF Title: The Turn of The Screw (The Turning Movies)
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Henry James
Publication Date: April 16, 1898
Genre: Horror fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Date: 24 January 2020

The American supernatural horror story The Turning (2020), is the newest adaption to Henry James’ ghost story The Turn of the Screw. Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the Turning depicts a 21st century perspective of a housekeeper who is left to look after, two deranged orphans.

Summary The Turning by Henry James

The Turn of the screw opens in 19th century England, depicting a group of friends sharing ghost stories around a fireplace. Douglas begins to read the manuscript of a ghost story centered around two odd children.


A bachelor hires a woman to be the governess to his niece, at his country house. The former governess has passed away, and his niece is currently in the care of the housekeeper. The young niece has a brother who is away in boarding school. The woman is also told that she cannot contact him at all, she must use her own witts to handle any difficulty which arises.

The new governess goes to the country house, where she is met by 8-year-old Flora, and the housekeeper Mrs. Grose. A letter forbidding Miles from returning to school after the summer break is sent from the school principal. The governess has yet to meet Miles and begins to become skeptical of his character. Mrs. Grose immediately tries to assure the governess that Miles is a good lad. The governess listens to the words of Mrs. Grose and chooses to wait before passing judgment on him.

Miles is 2 years older than his sister, and when the governess comes face to face with Miles, she finds him to be as charming and sweet as his sister. The governess loves her new position as each day passes by peacefully. However, one day as she was traveling around the house grounds, she notices the profile of a man in one of the towers of the house. She does not recognize the man and their eyes remain locked until she chooses to look away.

Soon, the governess notices the same figure through her dining-room window, but when she goes to confront him, no one is there. The reflection of the governess image startles Mrs. Grose, as she entered the dining room. The governess describes her encounters with the strange man to Mrs. Grose, that identifies the man as Peter Quint, a deceased former employee.

The governess passionately believes that the ghost of Mr.Quint is after Miles. She becomes determined to protect the young boy and fiercely guards the children like a lioness with her cubs. Unfortunately, Peter is not the only specter the governess has the pleasure of meeting. The governess takes Flora to a lake where she sees a mysterious woman clothed in black. The ghost of Miss Jessel, the former governess, has presented herself. Later, the governess again consults Mrs. Grose about the strange events that have occurred. Mr. Grose explains that Peter has an interest in Miles, and Miss Jessel with Flora. However, the ghosts become inactive for some days, in this time the governess draws closer to with Miles and Flora.

These peaceful days, however, did not last forever. One afternoon the governess is searching out the source of a strange noise. She makes her way up the house staircase where once again locks eyes with Peter. A sudden breeze extinguishes the candle, which was guiding her. The is not phased by the sudden darkness at all, she maintains her gaze with Peter until he vanishes disappears. The governess continues to Flora’s bedroom, but the young girl is missing until the window curtains move, where Flora reveals herself. The governess questions Flora to what she has been doing, but the young girl gives no proper answer.

As the days go by, strange events continue to occur, and the governess becomes convinced that the children are meeting the ghosts in secret. When the governess consults Mrs. Grose, she hints that she will try to contact the bachelor uncle, but the governess threatens to leave if she does. One day, Mrs. Grose informs the governess that Miss Jessel told her that she wants Flora so suffer with her. The governess then to compose a letter.

Some days later, Miles serenades the governess with the piano for, the governess becomes mesmerized by the beautiful melody. The moment Miles stops the performance, she realizes that Flora is missing. Mrs. Grose accompanies the governess in search of Flora. They discover a missing boat. The two women search around the lake in attempts to find Flora. After the two women locate Flora, the governess demands she tell her where Miss Jessel is. Miss Jessel manifests on the other side of the lake, the governess sees her, but Mrs. Grose and Flora cannot. Eventually, Mrs. Grose takes Flora into the house, but the governess becomes overwhelmed by the events and collapses.


“He was there or was not there: not there if I didn’t see him.”
― Henry James, The Turn of the Screw

“There was nothing in the room the next minute but the sunshine and a sense that I must stay.”
― Henry James, The Turn of the Screw

“We were alone with the quiet day, and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped.”
― Henry James, The Turn of the Screw

“THEY have the manners to be silent, and you, trusted as you are, the baseness to speak!”
― Henry James, The Turn of the Screw

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The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

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