This Is Where I Leave You

The trailer is a pretty good representation of the book if you don’t like to read, check it out below (don’t know why you would be here through).

Ok, so the death of the Foxman’ male figure (Judd father) causes the entire family to be gathered together for his funeral for the first time in many years. Including Judd, his brothers and sisters and their mother. Unfortunately, for Judd, his relationship with his wife who had engaged in a 14-month affair with his boss is now regretfully know by everyone.

Even with these issues to deal with, he and his sibling are confronted with their old mans’ dying wish: to spend the seven days following the funeral in the same house where they all once lived together.

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As expected in such a situation things get out of control with grudges, secrets and old passions being revisited. Judd is in a pickle since he is trying to avoid the confusion associated with his family while dealing with the bombshell left on him on the day of the funeral by his wife Jen, stating she was pregnant.

‘This Is Where I Leave You’ is so far J.Troppers most outstanding work and as shown in the trailer below – It is funny, emotional and discusses the relationships between, marriage, love, divorce and family.

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