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PDF Title: Tiny Beautiful Things
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Cheryl Strayed
Publication Date: Jul 10, 2012
Genre: Self-help, Memoir
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Movie Release Date: Apr 07, 2023

"Tiny Beautiful Things" is a collection of advice columns written by Cheryl Strayed, who used to write under the pseudonym "Sugar" for The Rumpus. The book features questions and responses on a range of topics, from love and relationships to grief, addiction, and self-discovery. Strayed's responses are honest, empathetic, and often raw, drawing from her own experiences and personal struggles.

Through her compassionate and insightful advice, Strayed provides readers with a glimpse into the complexities of the human experience. She encourages readers to embrace their vulnerabilities, to be kind to themselves and others, and to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

This book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for guidance, support, or inspiration in navigating life's challenges.



  1. "You don't have to get over it, you just have to get through it."
  2. "The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the **** out of love."
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Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

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