Where She Went

This book is a sequel to, ‘If I Stay ‘and is often referred to as ‘If I Stay 2’. ‘Where She Went’ starts three years after the “accident” where Mia and Adam are no longer together.

Now Mia is as expected to attend Juilliard and is performing very well while Adam, on the other hand, is associated with a celeliity LA girlfriend plus his rock star success, which of course, makes him even more popular. But Adam had gone to New York and was stuck there, and as it seems fate reunited the couple for one more night.pdf icon

They used, this time, to explore New York since it is Mia’s home, They both open up their hearts to one another about the unfortunate past but also discussed both his and her bright plans for the future.

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According to Foreman ‘Where She Went’ PDF contrasts the grief and desperation that was so clear in the prequel to the new found success and hope with a hint more of romance.

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Taken from Gale Foreman insights.

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