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PDF Title: Without Remorse
Book File Type: PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Tom Clancy
Publication Date: August 11, 1993
Genre: Thriller, Crime novel, Historical Fiction
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes – Without Remorse
Series Release Date: April 30th, 2021

Scheduled to be released in February 2021, the Amazon Studios production Without Remorse promises to be an exciting thriller for the action movie audience. Starring Michael B. Jordan and Jacob Scipio, to mention a few of the talented cast. This Stefano Sollima directed film promises to be a beautiful depiction of the novel Without Remorse (1993) written by Tom Clancy that inspired it.

Without Remorse Plot

The weight of the loss of his late pregnant wife on his shoulders, former Navy SEAL John Kelly, while driving, picks up a hitchhiker. John though he knows nothing about this woman, not even her name, elects to take her to his home in the Chesapeake Bay. As the novel continues, John learns more of the mysterious woman, first of all, her name, Pamela Madden. Pamela’s past in the streets as a prostitute and drug trafficker and her addiction to drugs comes to light. Though for most, her past would be red flags, John still sees someone worthy of love. The two soon enter a sweet romance as lovers. John begins turning Pam’s life around by taking her to doctors who start her rehabilitation process from the drugs she has been using. When the couple travels the Baltimore to continue Pam’s treatment, they drive through the neighborhood where Pam worked. Unfortunately, one of her former colleges recognizes her and, this leads to an encounter that leaves John injured but costs Pamela her life.


Meanwhile, U.S. military intelligence discovers that colonel Robin Zacharias is a prisoner of war at a north Vietnamese campsite. An admiral soon plans out a rescue mission to save Robin and the other U.S prisoners of war from the dangerous clutches of the enemy.

The novel takes its focus back to John, who is recovering from his injuries with the help of Dr.Rosen. The death of Pamela bares heavily on his mind and, rage swells inside of John. John then vows to avenge his lover by taking the lives of those responsible. The street thugs weren’t a match for John’s armed military mind. One by one, John eliminated the members of the drug ring. During this raid, John freed as many of the prostitutes as he could. However, the pimps did not receive any mercy. Many of them were tortured and killed to fill John’s satisfaction for revenge.

Later in the novel, John is called to lead the rescue mission for the prisoners of war and, he heads to Vietnam. However, a spy leaks the plan of the rescue mission to the enemy. The mission’s success seems in jeopardy until an enemy colonel is captured and used as a trading piece for the prisoners. However, John’s mission for revenge has only just begun.


“The nice thing about enemies is you know where they stand. This is not always true of friends.”
― Tom Clancy, Without Remorse

“If the shortest distance to any man’s heart is his stomach, then one of the better compliments a man can give a woman is to ask for seconds.”
― Tom Clancy, Without Remorse

“He was a person whose universe was very small indeed. It held only one person, himself, surrounded by things whose sole function was to be manipulated for his amusement or profit.”
― Tom Clancy, Without Remorse

“Tears released poisons from inside, poisons which if not released could be as deadly as the real kind.”
― Tom Clancy, Without Remorse

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Without Remorse by Tom Clancy

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