yes please Amy Poehler
Title:               Yes Please!
Author:          Amy Poehler
Published:    October 28, 2014
Language:    English
Genre:           Biographies
File Type: PDF
ISBN-13:       978-0062268341
Movie:           No

Will you like to know the woman who we can’t help, but love. From her Saturday Night Live appearances to movies roles in films like Baby Mama and They Came Together. Yes Please! Is Amy Poehler’s first book and it proves to be an inspirational read, with quirks included. Yes Please is a collection of stories, poetry, and lists with chapter names such as The Robots Will Kill Us All, Threat Your Career Like A Bad Boyfriend, etc.

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Yes Please offers insight into Amy’s thoughts from her childhood which she figured was, “too safe” to her thoughts in Hollywood and the show business.

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According to the back cover, we get to hang out with Amy, watching movies and enjoy music, even share some tales about childhood experiences and coworkers. As we know, she is a very busy woman from her involvement in the Smart Girls site, Global-winning role on Parks and Recreation plus the upbringing of her two sons. Needless to say, she tends not to be available for movie night.

Download link to the Amazon page for Yes Please eBook written by Amy Poehler, Kindle Hardcover, and Paperback is available.

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Yes Please

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