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PDF Title: You Book
Book File Type: You PDF Download / Read Online
PDF Author: Caroline Kepnes
Publication Date: September 25, 2014
Genre: Thriller
Audiobook : Yes
PDF Language: English
Adaptation: Yes
Series Release Date: 9 September 2018

You Book Quotes:

“If we were teenagers, I could kiss you. But I’m on a platform behind a counter wearing a name tag and we’re too old to be young.”
― Caroline Kepnes, You

“My middle school health teacher told us that you can hold eye contact for ten seconds before scaring or seducing someone.”
― Caroline Kepnes, You


“The problem with books is that they end.”
― Caroline Kepnes, You

“Talking to you is like traveling through time.”
― Caroline Kepnes, You

“Some people, it’s like they care more about their status updates than their actual lives.”
― Caroline Kepnes, You

You Intro

In 2018 You, the American psychological criminal drama, premiered on the well-known tv network Lifetime. The debut season of You drew its basis from Caroline Kepnes’ hit novel You(2014). The tv series garnered a decently sized viewing audience shortly after its release but, the viewership numbers weren’t outstanding. However, at the tail end of 2018, Netflix allowed the debut season of You to stream on its platform. This change in distribution attracted a viewing audience of over 40 million. It would be easy to see that this move paid off handsomely. In season one, Penn Badgley gave an outstanding performance playing the main character Joe Goldberg. Elizabeth Lail played the object of Joe’s deranged obsession with Guinevere Beck also actress Shay Mitchell played Guinervere’s best friend Peach Salinger. The success that season one of You garnered lead to a season two release as an exclusively Netflix series.

In season 2, Joe Goldberg, played again by Penn Badgley, moves to New York Los Angelos, where he dawns a new identity as Will Bettelheim. Will aims to start a new life in Los Angelos to make amends for his previous psychotic lifestyle. Will soon becomes interested in Love Quinn. Love is an upcoming chef played excellently by actress Victoria Pedretti. The second season of You is an adaption from Kepnes’ novel, Hidden Bodies(2016). If you are already a fan of the tv series, I have good news for you. In January 2020, Netflix announced that You would have a third season set for release at the end of 2021. It is unclear what the source material for season three is. But, for those unfamiliar with the series, you can take this opportunity to give it a chance by watching the first two seasons.

You Book Plot

“I would do anything for your love.” This phrase is a common expression people use to express the depths of their affection for another. However, Joe Goldberg, the main character in Caroline Kepnes’ 2014 novel You, embodies this expression in a disturbing way. The novel begins when Guinevere Beck, an upcoming writer, walks into a Mooney Rare and Used books bookstore in East Village, Manhattan. Joe works as a counter attendant in the same bookstore, and it is an obsession at first sight when he notices Guinevere. The novel begins to take the reader into the severely twisted mind of Joe from this point on. Joe immediately concludes that Guinevere has everything he has ever lusted after in a woman. Guinevere is beautiful, intelligent, and even subtly risqué as Joe notices that she is walking around without a bra. During Joe’s intense observation, he only ever thinks of Guinevere as You, with no curiosity about her name. Unfortunately, for Guinevere, during her interactions with Joe, Joe memorizes her name from the credit card she used to pay. When Joe returns home that day, he thoroughly investigates every social media network in search of Guinevere. Desperate to accumulate all the information he can about her, Joe visits every profile and reads every article of information about Guinevere he can. Joe learns that Beck’s best friend is a girl named Peach, and Joe even memorizes Beck’s apartment location. Joe, enslaved to his obsession for Beck, then visits Beck’s apartment on a nightly basis. Joe observes her from the street through a window she leaves open while disguising himself each time to avoid arousing suspicion. Soon just spying on her is not enough. Joe breaks into Beck’s apartment while she is not home and uses her computer to obtain more information about her.

One night when Joe “coincidentally” helps Beck to stand after she falls onto a subway track after a night out drinking. Beck begins to catch feelings for her new savior. Joe and Beck then share a taxi back to her apartment. After Beck exits the vehicle, she quickly embraces another man who was waiting for her. This event lights a bonfire of jealousy in Joe’s heart. Beck is unaware that Joe stole her phone from her that night. Joe uses every resource he has to uncover the identity of who stood between what is rightfully his. Joe discovers that the intruder’s name is Benji. After Joe learns that Benji is an entrepreneur starting his own food company, he quickly formulates how to remove the intruder. One day Joe lures Benji to the bookstore pretending to be a food reviewer who could add publicity to Benji’s company. Joe later offers Benji a laced drink which knocks him unconscious. When Benji wakes up, he finds himself in an animal cage in the basement of the bookstore.

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You by Caroline Kepnes

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